Monday, June 22, 2009

Lulu Wonders, When Liow Says That "Kaum Cina terima konsep 1Malaysia"

did he know that Mukhriz was telling the Malays that "If the Malays do not unite, the objective of the 1Malaysia concept would be far from our grasp."

i wonder if anyone knows really what 1Malaysia is about.
shouldnt Mukriz be telling ALL Malaysians to unite? why just one group?
1Malaysia seems to be whatever you want it to be.

Liow's Kaum Cina terima 1Malaysia
Mukhriz's If the Malays do not unite


Jefus said...

rebranding rebranding and more rebranding ...... until its own creator doesn't know what it is,.... but it smells the same.

Anonymous said...

1 for you, 1 for me, no wait, let me take your 1 oso, can arh? Wait long long next time maybe I will bagi sikit my 1 for you to lick lick hoh. Damn Liow the lollipop licker!

carboncopy said...

I know what 1Malaysia is.

It is the big neon red neon light above Angkasapuri building.

Nothing more then that.