Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Lulu Wonders Whats The Point

Should a pass in the English language be made compulsory for the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) Certificate?
Deputy Prime Minister and Education Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin threw this question to the public to discuss, and for the government to obtain feedback.

Muhyiddin's concern is that many rural students would fail the SPM if English was made a compulsory subject to pass.

A teacher once told me that the passing mark for SPM additional math can be as low as 9/100. Lulu was like, are you sure. She said, yes. At the marking point, examiners tend to be very "generous" and then the ministry sets a lower passing rate [and also the 1A points] to help make it look like our education system in Malaysia is such a success.

That is the sad state of the marking scheme of our government exams. Students who have consistently failed subjects throughout their form 4&5 miraculously pass their exams thanks to the marking scheme

Lulu wonders whats the point of making it compulsory to pass as teachers would be more charitable in the marking, and the ministry very generous in their cut-off point.

also read what foreign universities think of our strings of A's [link] and what lecturers do at local university and colleges [link].


CK said...

tat's wat happen when you find the passing rate keep on increasing? maybe next time we will have 120% passing rate.

and 32 A1s? with the kind of low passing rate and curve, not a surprise even to get 100 As!

Anonymous said...

The passing mark for SPM additional math can be as low as 9/100. Yet year in and year out, thousands of candidates could not get more than 8/100 to get that passing grade, P8.

If today's syllabus of additional math is compared to that of the 1960s and 70s, one can immediately notice the vast difference in their standard of difficulty.

Tiger said...

OMG, our education system is producing IDIOTS!

Jefus said...

to u see companies like Microsoft, Schlumberger, IBM, PriceWaterhouse, Boeing, Merck Dow Chemicals etc make a beeline to our local universities making an appointment to meet our students? No?

Could it be they they dont know how to conduct the interview in BM? :))))) (NOT!)

Old Fart said...

I made my money in education. Well, was one of those invoved in the business of education. But at last we knew exactly what we were doing.Basically providing tuition t prepare students for an external examination over whic we had absolutely no control over.

But then tings were changing..Money was to be made in internal diplomas and twinning degrees where a lot of the assessment was being done locally. For a shortwhile I also sat on an examination board going through the outcome of an exam after each exam sitting. Honestly it was a bloody joke.

I got out before it became necessary for me to compromise. And that is probably the biggest reason I have refrained from getting back into the business of education. If I am not prepared to compromise..how to make money lo???