Friday, June 26, 2009

Lulu Wondering How Stupid Does Rais Yatim Think The TV and Radio Announcers Are

Information, Communication and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim yesterday suggested that all media return to using the terminology swine flu instead of Influenza A (H1N1).
He said this was to ensure that the people realised the danger of the disease and to get the message across to them more accurately.
It is also easier for radio and TV announcers to say selsema babi (swine flu) than H1N1 in Bahasa Malaysia.

as RPK put it very aptly,
H1N1 is a mouthful to pronounce in Malay. H-one-N-one is four syllables in English. But if in Malay, which would be H-satu-N-satu, it would be six syllables. Selsema babi is only five syllables.

Rais Yatim's thinking really-really scares Lulu.
As it is, there are mega major concerns on the standard of English in Malaysia

If Rais Yatim's solution to a pronounciation of H-one-N-one is not to practise until they get it right but to take the easy way out and call it selsema babi, Lulu wonders, how are we going to solve the language problem faced by the new generation.

and Rais Yatim owes the announcers community in Malaysia an apology for either sincerely thinking so lowly of them or using them as an excuse.

[pls excuse lulu for any grammar mistakes made. lulu suspects she was taught communicative english and not grammar]

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may ling said...

Talking about 'a mouthful to pronounce in Malay', try this familiar one:
sembilan, sembilan, lapan puloh satu- 12 syllables
nine, nine, eighty one - 5 syllabus
I hope some minister can help to fix this.