Friday, June 26, 2009

Lulu Very Very Worried That The Taser Guns Will Be Used On People Who Dont Agree With The Government

NST reported today that PDRM Federal police logistics director, Datuk Mashuri Zainal, said police were aiming to start using the Taser by the end of this year.

Currently, the stun guns would be issued to policemen on patrol car duty and would only be used on aggressive criminals in dangerous situations. It is learnt that it may also be distributed to the Federal Reserve Unit, Special Action Unit and Narcotics Department. The taser can zap you from as far as 7 meters.
"We are not trigger-happy enforcement authorities. There are a few levels involved, including engaging in negotiations and giving warning before we use force.
"Using any form of weapon is always the last resort for us. We want to make sure all grounds are covered before we deploy it."
"engaging in negotiations"
"giving warnings"
these sound like the "procedure" the PDRM uses at candlelight vigils, protests like Ber.sih and even family dinners like the one organised by Charles Santiago last weekend.

Lulu's worried in case these weapons are used against people whose crime is to not have the same opinion as the ruling party and are pleading with the government and the king to hear their cry.

Lulu hopes this thought and intention never crosses their mind.


Jefus said...

Hi Lulu, I thot u'd might like a link to abuse of tasers by Amnesty International.

Taser Abuse

carboncopy said...

Of course they want to taser all the opposition supporters.

That's why they issue to FRU. Am sure the Light Strike Force also get them.