Sunday, June 14, 2009

Lulu Trying To Understand Why OTK Asked The Question

Lulu thinks you all know by now, Ong Tee Keat, President of MCA - a "senior partner" to the BN Coalition put up a poll on his blog, asking "Should MCA leave BN?"
Out of the 2,923 voters [screenshot thanks to], 77.6% said YES.
YES, MCA should leave Barisan.

so now a lot of people asking [and laughing] why OTK so stupid, put up a poll like that. A few people think it was a brilliant move to cucuk UMNO.

You wanna know what Lulu thinks?

Lulu looked at the timespan of the poll.
It was initiated on/prior to 27 Aug 08, taking into account that the first vote was on that day.
So, using a MCA tool, aka Star news search, Lulu looked at what was happening around then.
guess what?
This was prior to MCA elections.
OTK was not president of MCA then. He was a contender.
At the point of time, Chua Soi Lek had not announced which post he was gunning for, though it was widely speculated that he would go for the top seat.
OTK was running to lead a party whose community they claim to be representing had rejected them teruk-teruk in the 2008 General Elections.

Lulu suspects OTK asked that question because he wanted to confirm if that was what the grassroots wanted to hear in his campaign speeches. Some organisatons/people run a poll to gauge what the feedback would be if a project is implemented. Others are fishing to find out what people want to hear, not nessecarily to implement it.

OTK was doing the latter. He will not initiate a move. There was never an intention to do so.
And unfortunately, he forgot about about the poll, until Malaysian Insider picked it up.
Kinda embarrasing, yah?


Jefus said...

Hi Lulu,

I share your opinion, the question had served its purpose at the time it was put up. Today, it has become out of context. MCA did not leave. I do not think nor hope that it would leave.

Reasons are, I hope that in the next GE, all the old war elephants, corrupt or carrying obsolete mind sets can be purged. So what if ALL are purged, if this democratic maturity that Msians seemed to have arrived at is to grow, be gone with racist parties.

CK said...

wah... lulu very investigative huh? brilliant lah this lulu!
not lulu at all!

samson said...

Wah, lulu sooo crever one! Know how to loook for this and that, timespan and all. Unca OTK never tot got people so smartee...