Sunday, June 21, 2009

Lulu Thinks By The End Of Tonight, The Whole world Will Know

a few weeks ago, an interfaith dialogue was held in KL.
The whole world didn't know about it because there was no FRU with water canons waiting outside. The dialogue went off without a hitch, those who attended understood "each other" a little better.

Tonight, Charles Santiago is holding a fund raising dinner in Klang.
Charles Santiago is the DAP MP for that area, and a facebook friend of Lulu's

According to his facebook,
7 FRU trucks and 2 water cannons just passed by MP Klang office and stand-by in vicinity (DAP Dinner tonight)
2 hours ago ·
Police block entrance into the DAP dinner area, 455pm
2 hours ago ·
Charles and Tee Boon Hock is negotiating with police. Called Selangor CPO but did not answer, Klang OCPD said he needed to discuss with CPO
2 hours ago ·
police confiscated PA system
about an hour ago ·
More people are turning up to show support, FRU is keeping people at a distance.
14 minutes ago

by the end of tonight, Lulu thinks the whole world will know how high-handed the police were in handling a simple fund raising dinner organised by an opposition party in Malaysia.

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