Sunday, June 28, 2009

Lulu Not Going To Say Yay or Boo Yet

PM Najib announced that a special scholarship will be awarded based totally on merit.
He did not say how many would be awarded
He did not say how it will affect the current 2,000 scholarships offered by JPA.
He did not say if it is on top of the JPA quantity
He did not say if JPA would be changing the quota currently used.
He did not address how top students will be recognised in 2010 where there will be students from religious schools are allowed to take 11 subjects, 1 more than the rest. [from 2011 onwards only will all students be capped at 10 subjects]

Lulu not sure if it is a yay or boo at this point of time.

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Jefus said...

the picture is not complete - how much was given to MARA? for scholarships? Why isnt the scholarships pooled together so as the people really know how much went where? so as resources are better managed?