Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Lulu Is Worried If There Is A Killer Bacteria Loose Out There

A suspected thief died in lock-up during the weekend.

Initially, there were concerns that he was beaten to death or something like that. However, the autopsy report said the cause of death was the result of "toxaemia secondary to spontaneous peritonitis" or blood poisoning due to a bacteria infection in the intestines.

If there is this bacteria out there which is toxic enough to kill, Lulu thinks the Health Ministry led by the not-very-intelligent Liow should set up a team to trace the source. MOH should also screen the deceased's family, and probably also the police and those locked up in that police station. If the bacteria was potent enough to kill this man, Lulu has cause to be worried that it may take other victims.


Old Fart said...

I think WHO has to have a new set of classification for deaths whilst in custody of the police. I reckon if they had the rankings as they do for any other infectious diseases than Malaysian cstodial deaths may just warrant a Level 3 warning , don't you think? But that would be average. And if you were Indian then it goes up to Level 6. It would seem like they hav a quota for Indians dying in detentio. IT seems like its compulsory to have at least 4 a year. So far in 209 we have already had Kugan and now Pragasm. Wonder who the next two victims will be!!

Jefus said...

no no no this is a case for Fox Mulder and Dana Scully,...... file it under X,...... what else?:P