Thursday, June 04, 2009

Lulu Has Heard of Businesses Closing Cos Of Hartal, but Closing Cos Lots and Lots of People Want to Go There?

but businesses closing cos lots and lots of people want to go there, order a drink and even pay of it?
that's new.

According to Malaysiakini
While it cannot be confirmed, the unexpected closure of the well-known ‘kopitiam’ in Petaling Jaya is believed to be related to an invitation in popular social networking site Facebook for Malaysians to participate in a ‘1BLACKAfterWorkCoffee’ session at these two outlets.
Since the non-gathering is such a hit, Lulu thinks they should all gather at Border's next.
Afterall, reading is a good habit to cultivate, and black is a sexy slimming colour to wear (*wink* Lulu wore black to work today :D). Oh! what a coincidence that Borders is owned by the good friend of the "it looks like me, sounds like me but its not me" loyar buruk.


Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

The government is really too much.
Restaurateur and coffee shops workers union should consider to sue the government.

Because of ‘1BLACKAfterWorkCoffee’ have to "tutup kedai'.
They think the public wants to have ‘1BLACK ZambryAfterWorkCoffee’

I wonder if the famous fast food chain will put up a McBlack burger set. Close down all McD?
Do recall who and who told Malaysians to boycott certain companies just because of the Israel and Palestine conflict.
Tut the COMMUNIST China no need to boycott ah?

CK said...

lulu.. who own Borders?

What A Lulu said...

go google "malaysia borders" for the answer ;P

Anonymous said...

Who owns Old Town White Coffee? Why are they taking sides?

Should we boycott OTWC??

Josh said...

where is the news link to Malaysiakini?