Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Lulu Exploring The Other Possibilities

In a written reply to Karpal Singh (DAP Bukit Gelugor), Hishammuddin [yup! Hishammuddin strikes again in Lulu's blog] reported that TWENTY-FOUR police personnel and officers were convicted in court for various offences between 2004 and 2008.
6 were convicted of causing injuries,
4 for various offences under the Police Act,
4 for corruption, and
2 for theft.
The rest were for break-ins, keeping stolen weapons, negligence resulting in the escape of a detainee, intrusion, illegal possession of firearms and drug-related offences
24 cops guilty of crime in 4 years

Note - none found guilty for wrongful death / murder or rape. Lulu was surprised on that.

well, either our police force
is very clean
we have a poor investigating team
we have a poor prosection team
we have very kind judges

Lulu would like to believe our police force is very clean. Sadly, the reality could be different cos Lulu, sometimes, imagination very wild.

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Anonymous said...

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