Monday, June 29, 2009

Lulu Does Not Really Think Khairy Is a Racist

after all, he had no qualms going into partnership with ECM Libra which had Chinese partners and also the MyTeam Football which was, once again, with a Chinese partner.

However, Lulu thinks Khairy also has no qualms about playing the racial card, and looking more Melayu than the Melayu rempit racing on NPE during the weekend just to score points.

You have to understand, Khairy was born in Kuwait. His parents were with the Foreign Ministry. He grew up abroad. He never went to Sekolah and didnt get to make friends with Ali, Abdul and Abu. He has these insecurities of not being Melayu enough. Hence his needs to "kami Melayu" and all his "I am one of you" statements.

Lulu thinks its pathetic and disgusting the way he plays the race card to stir up hatred amongst the races, just to gain points from the Malay electorate which Khairy, in his heart, knows he does not fit in.

A hypocrite? definitely.
A racist? Lulu not too sure.


Jefus said...

obama lived with his step father in Indonesia for some years. did he speak english ( American actually - but who's splitting hairs,....)with a heavy indon accent? no? i wonder why.

is KJ racist,? u remember that picture of him outside the mines? draped with the flag and with Condi Rice on the piano inside? nah, he's an opportunist..... all of them are,.... being racist is only a means to serve an end.

and i am a pessimist where it concerns.....

Anonymous said...

KJ may be a racist, but when it comes to making money, the UMNO folks and their ilk do not discriminate! Bumi or no bumi, rich, poor, young, old, etc....all are fair game!