Thursday, June 11, 2009

Just As Lulu Thought That Zambry Doing All The Right Things / Getting the Right Publicity

Lulu knows most of you do not read the NST [but Lulu does cos its part of her job], so, allow Lulu to share some NST news with you.

There was this delightful piece of news from Ipoh that a South American multinational corporation is expected to sign an agreement soon with the Perak government, which will pave the way for a RM9 billion investment over the next 10 years. This is excellent, excellent news that in this economic climate, Zambry was able to get this gi-normous investment to the state which will provide 2,000 jobs when complected.
link : S. American company to invest RM9b in Perak

Then on the next page, there was a report from a 9 1As student who "has the menteri besar to thank" for helping put her on the road to studying medicine. The smart lass has had a difficult life, and Lulu would not grudge her of the scholarship. But Lulu was kinda amused to read of her gushing over Zambry, saying things like "I see him [at this juncture, the newspaper put Zambry's name in brackets just in case we get confused who her "him" hero is] as a father figure who came forward to lessen the burden of my family at a crucial point".
link : unavailable [sorry NST didnt put it online]

Two hero stories in one day.
Zambry is on a roll!
Gosh..., Lulu may even vote for him and his government should Perak state assembly be dissolved tomorrow.
so Lulu got thinking. With all this [and more] good that Zambry has done, shouldn't he feel confident enough to dissolve the assembly and allow the people to elect which government they want in place? afterall, he's such a great guy. RM9billion investment. a father figure to a smart but poor girl. like that, can win mah. Can be MB of the people's heart [ala Princess Diana], and anyway, its not very nice being called a Menteri Besar Mahkamah.

then this news broke.
looks like this is not the correct time to dissolve the state assembly.
nope. not now, and by the looks of it, probably never.
MB Mahkamah wants to stay around a little longer.


moo_t said...

RM9 billions project in the eye of Pakatan Rakyat government job opportunities, money flow for infra,etc.

HOWEVER, RM9 billions to ZamZam Ali Kazam is a HUGE PORK BARREL they want to SHARE.

ZamZam Ali Kazam Bee-N has an EXCELLENT track record of COLLECTING "agents commission". Just look at PKFZ, and how Bolehland Bee-N "escort" the contracted Dubai executive out of Bolehland, that make them VERY WORRY.

ZamZam Ali Kazam Bee-N Silver state government can make the investment EXTREMELY unfeasible after all the "agent commission".

Yatini said...

Only the Sultan can dissolve the MB or PM can do that, nor can you...

Ooi Beng Hooi said...

He became MB because of 3 frogs.

What should we call him?

denzook said...

it's not even 2 years, why want to dissolve to waste money and everybody time .....

wait till lah 2-3 years lah.

Tiger said...

Omg, what an idiot!
Can't he have waited?
He cost US, the people of Perak, 9 BILLION RINGGIT!