Sunday, May 10, 2009

You Know What Lulu Fears re:Perak?

Lulu knows, paling lewat, by 2013, the people of Perak will show the BN who they want as their government. And Lulu is very sure that it will not be these power grabbers.

In the meantime, if the BN continues to rule in Perak, Lulu is worried about the kinds of evil the BN government could inflict upon this gentle state.
Let Lulu give you some ideas on what they could do, going by their track record
1. Alienate land to their exco members at a very cheap price
[think Selangor]
2. Lock the state into mega one-sided deals with profiteerers which could last 30 years
[think 30 year toll concessions which would cost us lots of money if we want to break it]
3. Award projects to their cronies to build unecessary structures just so that their contractor crony can get the project money
[think the silly looking big bird at the SS15/SS12/SS13/SS14 roundabout
4. Buying unnecesary things so that someone can get the middleman fee
[think the spaceship which our space tourist went on]

Just another 3 years and 10 months at most for Perak endure?
Lulu worries, cos it will be 3 years and 10 months of plundering, cos these fellas know they are on their way out.

Lulu is hoping, though it seems such a lost cause, that the courts will rule in favor of Nizar tomorrow.
else, Perak will be plunged into darkness. and its not just for 3 years and 10months, but probably till the next generation.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, you are spot on about the 30 years concessions...methinks they will give the LDP contractor to put tolls at jalan hugh low & jalan brewster.

3 years & 10 months can collect plenty RM1.60's though.

Tiger said...

If the people of Perak truly have no choice, we will have to wait until 2013 to kill off BN.
I suppose BN is now afraid of the people's power, as evidenced by release of ISA-ed MP when he said he wants to resign.

Anonymous said...

lulu jie,
i personally think, come 2013, there will not be an election. bn already has the royals, the police and the judiciary in their pockets. if they want to pull a coup very simple one.

please note that recently there was that report regarding the setting up of army barracks all over the country. why do we need so many army barracks for? also, lets not forget that the current pm was the defence minister, surely he has a few friends or people who owe him favours in the army.

come 2013, we should be very very careful of funny shit that bn will pull

Sharing said...

How about
1) PKNS using reserved land from projects to build other residencial/commerical projects - The Kelena Jaya, Subang Jaya (Subang Ria Park), etc.. There land are in the Water Retention Ponds area that are probibited by law to build residence!!- The Wangsa Baiduri Project. PKNS misapprpriate the Club of Wangsa Baiduri to the sister company of the Developer. The land office mis-appropriate the land (with a "wrongly issued title" to the Developer on Subang Ria Park!
2) The reserved green land for Subang Jaya along the Federal High Way which are High Way Dividers and land for Subang Jaya residents. They were alienated to build residential and commercial project. Same on reserved green land from project in SS15.
3) The land office, MPPJ/MPSJ turned a deaf ear or eyes to the mis-appropriation of the Club land for Wangsa Baiduri to the sister company of the Developer.
Land Office/MPSJ stay away from explaining how a Condo can be changed into Apartment and finally issued Strata Titles as Apartmnt!!

Anonymous said...

Lulu, i subcribe to your thought and our almighty works in a mysterious way, ill gotten gains will vanish within 3 generations and these ppl with not have a peacefull ending.

Antares said...

BN's Reign of Robber Barons must end... NOW!!!

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

What i fear is not about PR losing Perak. As PR will definitely gain it back in the near future election.

What i fear is the unrest brought on by umno if they fail to get what they wanted.
The peaceful and low profiled Candlelight vigil attendees are arrested and the DAP's HQ were raided by the police without a search warrant and the police dont know that the raid they are doing was done under what and which law.

This was why the people are cheering on at Anwar and PR's 916 takeover plan.