Sunday, May 31, 2009

Lulu Thinks Rais Yatim Is Duty Bound To Inform Najib

Rais has a very strong everlasting opinion of the communists.
and typical of Rais Yatim, it is not a very intelligent opinion.

Lulu believes Rais needs to be consistent with his stand.
He must strongly advise Najib not to make his trip to China.
Afterall, China IS STILL [the bad word] communist.
During the four-day visit, Najib will have a bilateral meeting with China premier, Wen, where they are expected to discuss and exchange views on bilateral, regional and international issues of common interest to both countries.
What if Najib gets influenced, and returns a communist? That would be dreadful, especially for Najib and Rais, cos it would mean UMNO would have to share its wealth with the peasants
or, or
what if Najib goes there and brings some communist money over? On the surface, they may be running a legitimate business, but beneath it, they may be running underground communist activities, recruiting Malaysians as communists uprisers.

oooh :(
there are 1,000 possibilities on how this visit to communist China could go wrong.
and since Rais Yatim feels so strongly about it, Rais should advise Najib not to go.


Anonymous said...

It will be a different ball game now compared to the visit of Tun razak in the seventies. The current educated Malaysian chinese won"t fall into this trap and will never back BN again. Think of something that will provide financial aid to the suffering rakyat instead of harping on your ketuanan melayu in order to continue with your divide and rule agenda.
You may get your chance again if you really change

Antares said...

What's worse, Pink Lips will be exposed to a wide selection of pork-eating porcelain princess posteriors... and the pheromonal allure may prove too great for him to ever want to return to the clammy tentacular embrace of his witchy wife Grosmah. Perhaps Rais can be persuaded to accompany Pink Lips... be great if they BOTH never return!

Anonymous said...

Najib went to China to apologise for May 13, and also promised them that he will treat everyone in Malaysia fairly!

Jefus said...

Rais, haven't u heard? Even the communists are capitalists,....