Friday, May 08, 2009

Lulu Not Sure How Many Clubbers Read Lulu's Blog

but if you are one of them and you planning to wear your little black dress when you go to Bangsar this weekend, Lulu advises you against it.

"It is also learnt that the police have seized the black shirts donned by the 15 protestors and had instructed their families to bring new clothes for them."
source : Malaysiakini Lawyers freed, black shirts seized

Lulu is concerned in case masa you tengah dancing, the cops datang and make your family come with new clothes for you to change into.
If you have friends who dont read Lulu's blog and are planning to go clubbing in their little black dress, could you tell that what happened to the lawyers and vigil-ers at Brickfields? Tx

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Anonymous said...

Dear Lulu,
I am planning to buy a black lace panty & a black push-up wonderbra for my dearest 58 years old wife to celebrate our 40 years of co-habiting together. Then we plan to party at the Ipoh Nite-Club All-no-go.

Do you think she may be arrested ?

**Jalan Hugh Low resident