Friday, May 29, 2009

Lulu Gives You An Example Of How UMNO Treats The Country's Coffers As Theirs To Plunder

"PKA is rich enough. Let the people also have some money."

- Datuk Abdul Rahman Palil in justifying directly purchasing the land from KPPLB instead of compulsory acquisition as per Finance Ministry's directive
ADUN N43 Sementa
board member of Port Klang Authority 1997-2003
President of Koperasi Pembangunan Pulau Lumut Bhd (KPPLB)


Anonymous said...

Hi Lulu

In UK:
MPs resign when their abuse of expense accounts is revealed by the free press

In South Korea:
The former President apologises to the entire nation and commits suicide for financial improprieties

In Malaysia:
(Malaysia, Semua Pun Boleh!)

Phua Kai Lit

moo_t said...

That is billions, not "some money".

Wood said...

Just look at the way this Bozo define the word 'people'.

Mind you it is not the Rakyat, it is a few elites from UmnoLand, MCALand and BN-haven.

Jefus said...

satu lagi projek olih BN