Sunday, May 31, 2009

Lulu Calls Them Poe-tay-to

Put it another way,
the Najib fan club-ers are giving him the credit for that wonderful thing happening in Perak,
the non fan club-ers prefer to use the word blame

well, like how the song put it,

You say either and I say either, You say neither and I say neither
Either, either Neither, neither, Let's call the whole thing off.
You like potato and I like potahto, You like tomato and I like tomahto
Potato, potahto, Tomato, tomahto, Let's call the whole thing off
So if you like pyjamas and I like pyjahmas, I'll wear pyjamas and give up pyajahmas
For we know we need each other so we , Better call the whole off off
Let's call the whole thing off.

lets call the whole thing off

stop these stupid laporan polis-es which trigger off all kinds of unwarranted international attention.

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