Sunday, May 31, 2009

Lulu Thinks Rais Yatim Is Duty Bound To Inform Najib

Rais has a very strong everlasting opinion of the communists.
and typical of Rais Yatim, it is not a very intelligent opinion.

Lulu believes Rais needs to be consistent with his stand.
He must strongly advise Najib not to make his trip to China.
Afterall, China IS STILL [the bad word] communist.
During the four-day visit, Najib will have a bilateral meeting with China premier, Wen, where they are expected to discuss and exchange views on bilateral, regional and international issues of common interest to both countries.
What if Najib gets influenced, and returns a communist? That would be dreadful, especially for Najib and Rais, cos it would mean UMNO would have to share its wealth with the peasants
or, or
what if Najib goes there and brings some communist money over? On the surface, they may be running a legitimate business, but beneath it, they may be running underground communist activities, recruiting Malaysians as communists uprisers.

oooh :(
there are 1,000 possibilities on how this visit to communist China could go wrong.
and since Rais Yatim feels so strongly about it, Rais should advise Najib not to go.

Lulu Calls Them Poe-tay-to

Put it another way,
the Najib fan club-ers are giving him the credit for that wonderful thing happening in Perak,
the non fan club-ers prefer to use the word blame

well, like how the song put it,

You say either and I say either, You say neither and I say neither
Either, either Neither, neither, Let's call the whole thing off.
You like potato and I like potahto, You like tomato and I like tomahto
Potato, potahto, Tomato, tomahto, Let's call the whole thing off
So if you like pyjamas and I like pyjahmas, I'll wear pyjamas and give up pyajahmas
For we know we need each other so we , Better call the whole off off
Let's call the whole thing off.

lets call the whole thing off

stop these stupid laporan polis-es which trigger off all kinds of unwarranted international attention.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Lulu Gives You An Example Of How UMNO Treats The Country's Coffers As Theirs To Plunder

"PKA is rich enough. Let the people also have some money."

- Datuk Abdul Rahman Palil in justifying directly purchasing the land from KPPLB instead of compulsory acquisition as per Finance Ministry's directive
ADUN N43 Sementa
board member of Port Klang Authority 1997-2003
President of Koperasi Pembangunan Pulau Lumut Bhd (KPPLB)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

You Know What Lulu Fears re:Perak?

Lulu knows, paling lewat, by 2013, the people of Perak will show the BN who they want as their government. And Lulu is very sure that it will not be these power grabbers.

In the meantime, if the BN continues to rule in Perak, Lulu is worried about the kinds of evil the BN government could inflict upon this gentle state.
Let Lulu give you some ideas on what they could do, going by their track record
1. Alienate land to their exco members at a very cheap price
[think Selangor]
2. Lock the state into mega one-sided deals with profiteerers which could last 30 years
[think 30 year toll concessions which would cost us lots of money if we want to break it]
3. Award projects to their cronies to build unecessary structures just so that their contractor crony can get the project money
[think the silly looking big bird at the SS15/SS12/SS13/SS14 roundabout
4. Buying unnecesary things so that someone can get the middleman fee
[think the spaceship which our space tourist went on]

Just another 3 years and 10 months at most for Perak endure?
Lulu worries, cos it will be 3 years and 10 months of plundering, cos these fellas know they are on their way out.

Lulu is hoping, though it seems such a lost cause, that the courts will rule in favor of Nizar tomorrow.
else, Perak will be plunged into darkness. and its not just for 3 years and 10months, but probably till the next generation.

Friday, May 08, 2009

Lulu Not Sure How Many Clubbers Read Lulu's Blog

but if you are one of them and you planning to wear your little black dress when you go to Bangsar this weekend, Lulu advises you against it.

"It is also learnt that the police have seized the black shirts donned by the 15 protestors and had instructed their families to bring new clothes for them."
source : Malaysiakini Lawyers freed, black shirts seized

Lulu is concerned in case masa you tengah dancing, the cops datang and make your family come with new clothes for you to change into.
If you have friends who dont read Lulu's blog and are planning to go clubbing in their little black dress, could you tell that what happened to the lawyers and vigil-ers at Brickfields? Tx

The Country Lulu Comes From

Lulu thinks, latest-latest by Mar8 2013, things will be different.