Monday, April 27, 2009

Lulu Would Not Hire This Saravanan Chap

Saravanan upset by ‘napping’ A & E doctors
KUALA LUMPUR: Deputy Federal Territories Minister Datuk M. Saravanan caught two doctors at the Kuala Lumpur Hospital (HKL) emergency department doing their own thing instead of attending to patients waiting for treatment.
now, that is a very strong accusation.
he went on to bark,
“I was shocked to find one doctor reading a newspaper and the other doing his own stuff.
“This should not be the way doctors work. The patient should come first. Furthermore, it is the emergency unit, which is supposed to be fast in dispensing treatment,”
The Star checked out what happened.
initial findings showed that the two doctors were housemen who had just completed their shift.
She said HKL’s investigation showed that there were only eight patients and 20 relatives waiting for treatment and that none of the patients were in pain as stated by Saravanan.
Saravanan should not have resorted to these stupid heroic cheap shots, calling the press to air his very much mistaken views on government doctors whom we all know are terribly, terribly overworked and underpaid.
He accused before checking the facts, he painted a lazy and uncaring picture of the doctors.
[btw, Lulu thinks he should issue an apology to the hospital and the doctors for his unwarranted remarks]

Can you imagine, this is the chap who is Deputy Federal Territories Minister.
Going by this incident, Lulu is really concerned how he acts upon problems and challenges faced by his ministry. Will he react instantly or will he study the problem and act on it?

What do you think?


denzook said...

if you checked the star article on local doctors, it is reported they are not underpaid, in fact their pay is competitive and reasonable. and don lah be cynical to empathetic minister who shares concern of dillapidated service in public hospital....

Anonymous said...

For once I agreed with you Lulu. Its a loo loo. Being a minister and public figure, this guy must check the fact before opening his mouth.

But sometimes its helpless with people from certain cultural background with lots of ego in their head.

Anyway, please give respect to those doctors, they're not mechanics who could afford to do mistakes in fixing cars. Doctors dealt with human's life and they deserve any rest that they could get.

A mistake is a mistake.

Anonymous said...

But, but, but izzit not SOP for ALL civil servants to bring a copy of the newspaper to work, and if one don't read then it will be a waste of money, and besides, wouldn't the horn-arable depooty minstral want civil servants to read the national propaganda, oops, sollee, newspaper, to know what the gomen wants us all to know from their genial perspective??? All good wat!

Anonymous said...

Semi value's love child, what do you expect?

MikeLing said...

Turun padang is in vogue. Hopefully government servant be more responsive and not always on tea break.

Anonymous said...

denzook: i am more than stunned at your barking, which i deem nothing more than a puppy's bark, trying to be hero number 2 after saravanan.... says who the pay of a doctor is competitive? please read properly, my fren, those were the letters by individuals. no other professional job requires u work 33 hours in a row, with a pay of are not robots, even the best of machines require rest....truly, like wat lulu pointed out, doc is not a mechanic, who can afford to make mistakes...a little break can minimize mistakes...emphatic to the people's needs? really? if so, he would have go through the proper channel, go to ministry of health and find out what's wrong, not barking like a mad dog in the public. what is wrong with his communication skills that he needs to use the media to c0mmunicate to his colleague in ministry of health? or is his language limited to barking that other human cant understand.... denzook, please dont degrade yourself anymroe with any more lowly what i would suggest to the fella, you shut up!!!

Antares said...

What's deeply saddening is that one of the off-duty housemen was actually caught reading a BN-owned newspaper - how lame! I wouldn't trust any doctor who reads this sort of unmitigated trash - on or off duty!

Wood said...

MIC is a dead party. Now this bozo is trying to make some noises to tell the rakyat that MIC is not dead yet.

Ha ha ha it backfired......

electrocutioner said...

He happened to have checked out what transpired behind the closed ER door - found no responsive personnel taking thier time while patients lined up waiting. Wonder if these doctors' friends/family suddenly showed up in ER for treatment? Will they insist the minimum 20 minutes wait after triangulation results says non-emergency?

Anonymous said...

The two doctors were housemen who had just completed their shift. So this means that there were NO docs on duty in the emergency department at that particular time.

Harris H said...

To me it looks like anothe high & mighty Government official wanting to cut queue when there was clearly many who are waiting patiently.Then justifying his impatience by catching the doctors who were clearly off on their break.What a lulu,muka tak malu Datuk M. Saravanan.

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

I hope that the doctors aren't reading the crappy and racist utusan meloya , new shit times or berita hairan.

If they already done their shift it is okay for them to hang around while waiting for the relieve team to comes in.As they do have to standby for any sudden emergency .
The question now is where is the relieve team of docs? late or having a meeting?

Saravanan fired the docs on the spot without doing investigation .
This is the same with our polis.
Wheres everyone is guilty until proven innocent!

Anonymous said...
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UH Doctor said...

Its just not fair. Such accusation is baseless. I worked in A+E and I know. Patients can't simply walk into a consultation room unless of course in EMERGENCY CASES - chest pain, multiple traumas, shortness of breath etc. Otherwise you have got to take a number, show your IC to the clerks,fill out your registration form and screened by the paramedics. And then you wait for your turn. Then the registration sheet will have to be delivered to the doctors consultation room. So there is time when a doctor has to wait for next registration A+E clerking sheet to be sent (so now, it is our fault). Most of us tend to use this time to either browse on something (cases) that we saw earlier or in this case - flipping through a news paper. I dont see any harm in that. This saravanan doesnt understand the workflow prosess and simply accuse everything. Dont forget for the fact that the car driven by his driver knocked a univ student in the first place. What does that say first. If I were to "simply make a conclusion now" I would say what kind of a driver he has in the first place! Ada lesen ka or lesen beli ??

Anonymous said...

some doctor can be lazy.
Lulu did u see it u self
the whole incident??
dont simply make conclusion lar!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry Lulu,

you got this wrong. Walk into the emergency room of any public hospital and you will see the misery of the people that have to resort to these hospitals for medical treatment.

You can arrive there bleeding profusely and the attendants will take their time to help you (if they do decide to help, that is) Otherwise you are on your own.
The problem is that doctors are protecting their own kind.

You know how I know that Saravanan was right? There never is less than 20 people at any one time seeking treatment at emergency rooms. 200 is more like it. Only 8 patients? What a joke.

Sharing said...

1. What is the job of a Deputy Federal Minister?
2. Should he take the matter administratively such that he should write to Health Ministry seeking for an explanation?
3. Or, voice it out in the Parliament.
4. Surely, most of the problems in Malaysia are every few of the government agents are doing their jobs.
5. A lawyer is having offenses spreading over cheating, mis-appropriation of fund, assaulting endanger life of his clients, get abetment from the Police to chase off his clients when the lawyer did not delivery his job. The police, KUP, AG keep their eyes close. Even BPA is not reacting.