Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lulu Wonders If This Is What Najib Means By 1Malaysia

Bangkitlah Melayu
who else, but Utusan Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR 14 April – Orang Melayu perlu bangkit dan bersatu dalam berhadapan dengan tuntutan kaum lain yang kini dilihat semakin keterlaluan.
Mereka juga perlu sedar dan insaf dengan situasi politik semasa yang menyaksikan pelbagai tuntutan hingga boleh menjejaskan kekuatan politik orang Melayu.
Sehubungan itu, orang Melayu diminta tidak tunduk kepada tuntutan keterlaluan tersebut sebalik bangkit bersatu bagi mempertahankan hak dan kepentingan mereka.

front cover courtesy of YB Jelutong


Antares said...

Henceforth UMNO shall be renamed Parti Tempurung - and for sure you'll find a katak hiding beneath every coconut shell.

MalayMind said...

Well, in my opinion, yes, this should be one component of 1Malaysia.

It is not wrong for Malays to unite to defend their rights, as long as it is not in the expense of others.

Being 1Malaysia doesn't mean that it's ALWAYS Malays who have to sacrifice.

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

Let us take that article with breeze and ease.
The more they keeps on churning such racist propaganda the more PR will wins.
It is true that we do not want to hear and read such news but that is umno's tradition.
All of us are just waiting for the 13th General Election.
And i am sure Lulu is getting impatient.

Anonymous said...

Singaporean version:
1 people 1 nation 1 singapore

Malaysian version:
1 najib 1 malay 1 malaysia

Old Fart said...

The word Unity in Malaysia has a negative connotation.

When they call for Malay unity, and MCA calls for Chinese Unity and MIC calls for Indian unity, what are they saying? Really!!

When they say, "Malaysia Truly Asia" they suggest a multi-racial and multi-religious population living in harmony.

When, instead of calling for Malaysian Unity, each racist leader calls for unity within the race, they are themselves suggesting that the races are living in a hostile environment and each regards the other as the antagonist who needs to be defeated or defended from.

This is total bull-shit. But it is a state of affairs that is conducive for UMNO warlords to thrive on. After all, if not for enemies how else can they show that they are good for anything?