Monday, April 06, 2009

Lulu Thinks It Was So Kind Of The Police To Keep V. Ganabatirau and R. Kengadharan Out Of Trouble

Lulu was very disturbed to read on Sunday that the two heroes from the movement formerly known as Hindraf were bundled straight into the police cars. They were not allowed to say hi to their family who had been waiting since Saturday morning, and again on Sunday morning.

Lulu thought it was very mean of them.
How can they be so mean?
The poor families.
They werent allowed to say hi, to touch each other...
Instead, the two men were bundled into cars, and the families had to chase after the cars.

Up to 5-something yesterday, poor Gana was still in the Shah Alam police station.
This caused Lulu to get even more geram with the police.

this Lulu
so short sighted.
Lulu [hang head in shame] just learnt that the action the police had taken was actually to protect the two heroes.

There were conditions to their freedom, their "immediate" release
1. they must remain in their respective towns and have to be home by 7pm
2. they also have to report to the police station every Monday
3. the two are also not allowed to speak to the press

Can you imagine if the police had not provided the two heroes from the movement formerly known as Hindraf a ride to their hometowns?
Think about it
they were released at 1:30pm
they would have walked out of the prison gates
and straightaway the press would have bombarded them.
with that, barely before they are out of the gates, they would have breached the condition.

and even if they made it through the gates without speaking to the press, the two heroes from the movement formerly known as Hindraf would have been stuck in the traffic around Taiping.
they'd probably only reach their homes after 7pm.
that's a violation too, and kena balik Kamunting again, even before stepping foot into their house.

Lulu [hanging her head down in shame] feels bad about her earlier unkind thoughts about the police.
They were only doing what was necessary to protect Ganabatirau and Kengadharan.
Thank You Sirs

btw, it just struck Lulu's little mind that its a good thing neither of these men's wives are from the press. Can you imagine if their mrs was from the press? gosh...

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Antares said...

Revolting! That's all I can say about the fascist tendencies of the PDRM under the corrupting influence of Musa Hassan and our beloved home minister, the Potatohead Gestapoman.