Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Zambry's Height Of Treason Very Different From Lulu's

Zambry [yes, the "Hamidah, please don't hit me" Zambry] considers naming THE tree as the Tree of Democracy tree as a treacherous. Malaysian Insider [or maybe it was Bernama] headlined it as "Height of Treason"
Now, Lulu may not be the smartest chick in the room, but one would think that the act of an UMNO man, marrying a Sultan's daughter and then denying it in front of the Sultan, swearing on the Quran etc would rank high on treason.

Lulu's values very different from Zambry's, yah?

btw, Lulu hopes Mat Tyson wins the position of deputy president.
He's Lulu's favourite [bat eyelid, bat eyelid]


denzook said...

haha, you called yourself a chick ....

Anonymous said...

Jeff Ooi's dream team:-

President: Najib
Deputy president: Bag Carrying taib
VP: tamby chik, syed albar & lain2
Wanita Chief: Cry Baby AP Queen
UMNO Youth: Botox Toyol
UMNO Putera: North Pole Parachute Ex-Car and saviour of overseas pros.
UMNO Puteri:Who is She?

Behind the scene advisor & executioneer: Rosmah

Mahatir will close his eyes and say goodluck to M'sia.