Thursday, March 12, 2009

Lulu Wonders If There Is Any Recourse For SIvakumar

Sivakumar, the Speaker for Perak State Assembly, is in a most unbelievable spot.
The High Court had ruled that he could not be represented by his own lawyer, but only by the state legal adviser. Three times the courts have ruled as such.

You know what sort of lawyer he has "representing" him?
Earlier, Sivakumar, who was waiting for his case to be called, was seen approaching assistant state legal adviser Zulkarnain Hassan, who had entered the courtroom at about 9.50am, but Zulkarnain avoided speaking to him and was later seen sitting with lawyers acting for the three independents.
What kind of representation can Zulkarnain give him? He refuses to speak to the one he is supposed to defend and instead, sits with the lawyers of the accusing party! I wonder what law school he went to.

If you ever wondered if there is justice in Malaysia and whether the civil service is impartial, look at what's happening to Sivakumar, and Lulu thinks you'd wonder no more.


Anonymous said...

A loyar burok with MPS - Multiple Personality syndrome?

denzook said...

what should you worry most is this case set to be precedent of other case in future where high profile court case cannot be represented by your chosen lawyer but elected one ......

Anonymous said...


This country has been doomed by these arrogant "b******ds" of the highest order.
It should be the other way round for "Zombie" as the "installed illegitimate" MB should be reprensented by the State Legal Advisor and Siva should be represented by his lawyers of choice!!
Just wait for the "moment of truth" for the Rakyat to bring this BE END/UMNO goons down in the 13GE!!

Anonymous said...

trained by UMNO and indoctrinated with Nazism and Apartheid. Above alL, steep in beliefs in STUPIDITY UNBRIDLed aRROGANCE.

BN Material for a Ministerial post under Najib.