Sunday, March 15, 2009

Lulu Has Heard A Lot of Stupid Excuses Before

this one ranks quite high on stupidity.She makes Rais Yatim's suggestion last year that "Local women intending to travel abroad alone may need family consent in a bid to prevent them from being used as “drug mules” by international syndicates" sound like it has merits.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Lulu's Suggestion for The Karpal Ambush Team

Lulu is wondering,
why the need to set up the enquiry team, if not, to make up excuses for what a bunch of goons did.

These are the Hansard from Parliament on 26th Feb
Tuan Yang di-Pertua: Yang Berhormat Bukit Gelugor, saya terima itu dengan baik, tapi jangan Yang Berhormat Bukit Gelugor raise your voice to me. Saya akan beri ruling yang
sejelas-jelasnya. Kalau perkara itu berlaku di perkarangan Parlimen, saya tidak peduli dari pihak mana yang berbuat begini kepada Ahli Parlimen. [Tepuk] Yang jelas di sini ialah saya juga mahu tahu bahawa yang mengugut ini adakah betul-betul Ahli-ahli UMNO atau tidak. Kalaupun dia mengatakan begitu, tetapi ada juga kumpulan orang yang akan menggunakan nama orang lain yang sebenarnya untuk menjejaskan nama sahaja..

Tuan Speaker says not sure if they are betul-betul ahli-ahli UMNO or not.
too bad, boy, there are videos out there of them, serang-hendaping Singh is Kingg!!!.

and these goons are arrogant enough to introduce themselves on video, and as one political assistant said, "gave me his name card"

back to lulu's suggestion to the team.
ANyone from that team consisting of
deputy speaker Ronald Kiandeee,
Tiong King Sing (Bintulu - BN),
Fong Chan Ong (Alor Gajah - BN),
Hajah Nancy Shukri (Batang Sadong - BN),
R Sivarasa (Subang - PKR)
Kamaruddin Jaffar (Tumpat - PAS)
who thinks the UMNO youth goons were "polite", "well mannered" etc, should be tied to a wheelchair and have those tomahan "politely" and "well mannered"ly repated repeatedly to him.
if his heartbeat does not go up, and his hand does not reach to the roda to try to push himself out of the crowd, then Lulu will respect his decision that the UMNO youth were just paying Karpal a polite visit.
else, issue the warrant of arrest on them.

A lot of people may not agree with Karpal's statements and politics, but most people can recognise an attempt to bully and intimidate.

Lulu Wonders If There Is Any Recourse For SIvakumar

Sivakumar, the Speaker for Perak State Assembly, is in a most unbelievable spot.
The High Court had ruled that he could not be represented by his own lawyer, but only by the state legal adviser. Three times the courts have ruled as such.

You know what sort of lawyer he has "representing" him?
Earlier, Sivakumar, who was waiting for his case to be called, was seen approaching assistant state legal adviser Zulkarnain Hassan, who had entered the courtroom at about 9.50am, but Zulkarnain avoided speaking to him and was later seen sitting with lawyers acting for the three independents.
What kind of representation can Zulkarnain give him? He refuses to speak to the one he is supposed to defend and instead, sits with the lawyers of the accusing party! I wonder what law school he went to.

If you ever wondered if there is justice in Malaysia and whether the civil service is impartial, look at what's happening to Sivakumar, and Lulu thinks you'd wonder no more.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Zambry's Height Of Treason Very Different From Lulu's

Zambry [yes, the "Hamidah, please don't hit me" Zambry] considers naming THE tree as the Tree of Democracy tree as a treacherous. Malaysian Insider [or maybe it was Bernama] headlined it as "Height of Treason"
Now, Lulu may not be the smartest chick in the room, but one would think that the act of an UMNO man, marrying a Sultan's daughter and then denying it in front of the Sultan, swearing on the Quran etc would rank high on treason.

Lulu's values very different from Zambry's, yah?

btw, Lulu hopes Mat Tyson wins the position of deputy president.
He's Lulu's favourite [bat eyelid, bat eyelid]

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Lulu Cannot Understand Why They Could Not Stop Beating Kugan

An independent post-mortem report conducted by pathologist commissioned by A Kugan's family indicated that the police detainee died of kidney failure due to severe beating.

According to the post-mortem report, the beating caused a breakdown in Kugan's muscle cells, which then congested the blood flow which in turn caused a kidney failure.

These V-shaped burn marks are believed to have been caused by a hot iron.

The second, which examined the entire body, found 42 other marks, burns and contusions from the sole of his feet right up to his head.

The UMMC pathologist declared, based on the post-mortem, that Kugan was beaten so badly that his tissues broke down and his kidneys failed, Surendran said.

The pathologist also found that Kugan had suffered hemorrhaging in his trachea, chest, spleen, stomach, the back of his neck and spine, and there were also signs of hemorrhaging in his heart.

The soles of his feet had many bruises caused by beatings and he also suffered blunt trauma to his skull.

Lulu Hopes She Has Not Added To The Confusion of Her 12-Year Old Hero's Mind

Lulu's 12 year old friend was chatting with her this morning re: the political situation.
Lulu hopes she has not added to his confusion, and given him a fair assessment of the situation.


Lulu’s 12 Year old Hero : hi

Lulu : hi

Lulu’s 12 Year old Hero : I am confused about the politics

Lulu : about which aspect?
not sure if i am able to un-confuse you or not

Lulu’s 12 Year old Hero : who is now taking contol of perak
bn or pkr?
and about the karpal singh thing?

Lulu : perak - bn has control
whether it is legal or not, even bn not sure

Lulu’s 12 Year old Hero : ok

Lulu : that's why they send their lawyer to england to study the law

Lulu’s 12 Year old Hero : then wat about karpal siingh

Lulu : what about it?

Lulu’s 12 Year old Hero : is he in trouble or somthing?
actually wat did he so?

Lulu : got ppl who hate him lor

Lulu’s 12 Year old Hero : do?

Lulu : he called umno youth "celaka"
in parliament

Lulu’s 12 Year old Hero : wat does that mean ah?

Lulu : when perak got into a mess, with the sultan making the decision to recognise the bn govt
and the bn mb
karpal raised the question whether was it within the sultan's rights and responsibility to do so

Lulu’s 12 Year old Hero : ok

Lulu : ppl in umno did not agree with him
and they also want to play up the issue

Lulu’s 12 Year old Hero : now I understand

Lulu : so, they painted the picture that karpal derhaka agaisnt the sultan
some extremist went to the extent of sending him 2 live bullets

Lulu’s 12 Year old Hero : then he received 2 bullets rite?

Lulu : like a death threat

Lulu’s 12 Year old Hero : did they shoot him?

Lulu : in parliament, karpal mentioned it in his speech
no, no shooting
the 2 bullets were sent in an envelope
and karpal called them celakas
:D:D and umno youth were greatly insulted
you know how bullies operate?

Lulu’s 12 Year old Hero : ok

Lulu : they ganged up,

Lulu’s 12 Year old Hero : ya

Lulu : and waited for him as he got out of the car
and surrounded him

Lulu’s 12 Year old Hero : and beat hiim?

Lulu : belittled him

Lulu’s 12 Year old Hero : um

Lulu : threatened him verbally

Lulu’s 12 Year old Hero : ok

Lulu : didnt let him move forward

Lulu’s 12 Year old Hero : what about "PAS Unit Amal cos they will be the 1st to kena spray chemical and kena whack when FRU unleashes their wrath"

Lulu : usually,
in all these demonstrations, gatherings etc

Lulu’s 12 Year old Hero : yea

Lulu : PAS unit amal, the volunteer group in PAS
like, i guess, their version of boys brigade
will be in the frontline
between the protestors and the police

Lulu’s 12 Year old Hero : huh?

Lulu : so,

Lulu’s 12 Year old Hero : so?

Lulu : imagine a protest

Lulu’s 12 Year old Hero : yya

Lulu : you would have the protestors, and the police
right now, in ipoh, there is a protest

Lulu’s 12 Year old Hero : yes

Lulu : and the pas unit amal boys are standing between the police and the protestors
when the police patience run out,

Lulu’s 12 Year old Hero : then

Lulu : they will spray they chemical water

Lulu’s 12 Year old Hero : then

Lulu : which will make your skin itch

Lulu’s 12 Year old Hero : wow

Lulu : and they will come with their batons

Lulu’s 12 Year old Hero : they spray to the protesters

Lulu : and beat up those who are around

Lulu’s 12 Year old Hero : even the pas unit

Lulu : so, the pas unit amal, as 1st line of defense, will kena the most teruk

Lulu’s 12 Year old Hero : ouch

Lulu : thats why, pray for those boys
they protecting the people

Lulu’s 12 Year old Hero : it already happen or will happen

Lulu : i think not going to happen
the latest update is that the crowd has dispersed