Saturday, February 14, 2009

Lulu Thinks He's Moving The Goalpost Instead Of Solving The Problem

You know how PSD solved this problem?
See what the not-intelligent-at-all HR Minister, which such pride, says

You know where the increase came from, in spite of a decline in Chinese and Indian application?
You remember the people who were here long, long before Parameswara and co came to Malaysia? ah... think along those lines.


Anonymous said...

In all fairness it will take 50 years for the civil service to reflect the racial composition of this country.Our politicians have sold us out. While in the last 50 years they made sure that the Malaysian Cabinet and the various Executive Committees of the State legislative Assembly reflected the racial composition of the country they threw the raayat out of the window.Ramalx

Anonymous said...

The only way.
1. THEIR PEOPLE should never allow only one race civil department.
2. Put quotas according to race ratio. THEIR PEOPLE are so strict on PLKN, why can't they apply it to civil department too.
3. If they apply that, them all races would be successful integrated as one race Malaysian. No more chinese and indian refer them as THEIR PEOPLE same like those one race civil servant refer others as THEIR PEOPLE.

By the way, why BN only consist one malay representative while indian got MIC and PPP while chinese represent by MCA + Gerakan. Think to yourself, if that created purposely to split chinese and indian?
All of them are dogs anyway. They are loyal only to their master and are traitors to their race.

I am being trained everyday by THEIR PEOPLE to be racist. Don't blame me. I see only Pakatan Rakyat can bring all races together to build our nation.