Monday, February 23, 2009

Lulu Thinks, After That Piece Of Advice From The PM, The BN "Govt" Must As Well Seek Advice From Dear Thelma

In response to Perak speaker barring Zambry and his excos from assembly sittings, our very intelligent PM came up with a very weak instruction/request/remark/stupidthought asking Zambry to lodge a police report against the Perak State Assembly Speaker.

The way Che Det puts it,
tidak ada yang lebih lucu daripada nasihat Perdana Menteri kepada Dato' Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir, Menteri Besar Barisan Nasional supaya beliau membuat laporan polis berkenaan dengan penggantungannya oleh Speaker Dewan Undangan Negeri Perak
Jika keputusan yang dibuat oleh Speaker boleh dianggap sebagai satu jenayah, apa akan jadi jika Speaker Dewan Rakyat menggantung ahli pembangkang kerana apa-apa sebab? Dan ini kerap berlaku. Apakah ahli pembangkang akan lapor kepada polis? Jika boleh maka bolehlah kita anggap bahawa polis berkuasa keatas Speaker Dewan.
Well, stupid advise from a stupid man, to put it bluntly

Zambry must as well write in to Thelma
something like,

Dear Thelma,

I hate my life.
Yesterday, I had to plead with people to recognise me as their MB. Can you imagine how embarassing it is.
As it is, I know, my party and I did not become government through the ballot box but thanks to some totally untrustworthy character, a very cooperative State Secretary and a Sultan who felt that we were the best choice, we managed to grab power.
Yes Thelma, I am not proud of what I did.
Everywhere I go, I see scorn in people's eyes.
And yet, my bosses refuse to let me off.
Now, they are making me attend the State Assembly which I have been barred from attending.
Truth is, those jokers know that the Speaker has standi in the judgement he made. As it is, they are sending a delegation to UK to seek advise from a Queen's Counsel. The thing is, everyone is so divided about the Speaker's authority, [don't tell anyone but] the delegation is actually seeking for a Queen's Counsel who would agree with us. They're not in UK to seek advise from a Queen's Counsel. Note the difference.
Thelma, please advise. Should I attend the dewan or not? Sivakumar, has within his jurisdiction, barred me from attending. What if there's no chair for me to sit on? What if I kena halau keluar? Malu-lah...
Thelma, why me? Why couldn't they have chosen Hamida "Indian or the snake" Osman as MB? why did i have to be the most qualified amongst the goons my colleagues?
I rather stay at home at enjoy my cup of coffee. I miss those days.

:( Zambry

btw, Thelma, I am also scared of Hamida, in case in the heat of debates, she beat me pulak.


nat said...

"btw, Thelma, I am also scared of Hamida, in case in the heat of debates, she beat me pulak. "

lol!! :P :)

Anonymous said...

Hehehe! Dear Lulu, after reading this piece i laugh so much my dentures nearly fell off! You shud start a new column called dear Lulu in the Malay mail. He he he, so funny la.. cannot stop laughing.

kittykat46 said...

Poor Zambry...every time he appears in public he has to keep repeating "I'm the Mentri Besar" knowing full well a majority of the public don't recognise him as such...

Anonymous said...

He reminds of Lim Yew Hock of Singapore. Guess what happens he lost. He become ambassador and went to Australia and involved in ahem.......Don't wanna say bad things about a dead man
Zam Zam even went to see QC. He might as well go and meet with LKY, also QC or his wife.....Oops....His wife is an expert in conveyancing. Cheaper! Ooi...wait a minute, Sultan of Perak, former Lord President.....Should see Sultan right......Why see UK QC? That means derhaka......


Eyes Wide Open said...

hahaha! this is precious!

Anonymous said...

Whenever the PM speaks, I hate EACH and EVERY WORDS.

He words actually seems to be from SOME STUPID IDIOT !

denzook said...

wait a minute, how could the old man link the mp suspension with excos in dun. the mps in fact were contempt in parlimen, thus were justified being sent out by speaker. but in perak, the exco did nothing, they just attend the dun and then suddenly got suspended for nothing! is this fair? this is blatant abuse of power by speaker. in case you doubt about legitimate of the exco positions, go read article from the edge weekly from this merchant guy. the sultan agreed with current exco, and the speaker showed blatant contempt on this! in fact, pm is right to advise zamry to launch report on the power abused by speaker. what abuse? abuse of suspending exco for being obedient to sultan?

Anonymous said...

Dear Zam,

I feel for you. Do bring your own foldable chair since you are afraid that they might not provide you a chair. Alternatively you can also tender a MC (I know a few good quacks...erh doctors nearby to the Dewan who would provide you with an MC for a small fee. Then you can have an (il)legitmiate excuse not to attend the Dewan sessions.

love & kisses
Aunty Thelma

Anonymous said...

olah should also seek Thelma's advice:

Dear Thelma,

I hate my party. It has forced me to quit as chairman before my term is up. Thelma, please advise. Should I join the opposition with my son-in-law or not? But then people would label us as frogs.

Anonymous said...

How long you have not been to Zouk? Obedient to Sultan, why went to see OC in London? You mean Sultan's law degree fake one?
As for suspension of EXCOs and Zam, well, I can tell you what might have transpired in the meeting with Siva. If you have know Zam who everytime jump like a monkey in state assembly, you would have known that most likely Zam has given Siva a middle figger. When you play football in a tournament, a middle finger to the referee would guarantee you a red card
Siva is just doing his job according to constituition.

One more thing......Just ask you a question. Can you ask a referee to resign because of his decision. If Maradonna is allowed to score with his hand and the referee says nothing, so does Siva.
Especially when there is a breach of constituition


Anonymous said...

Beautiful words from famous philosopher ......

"To laugh often and much; to win the respect of intelligent people and affection of children; to earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends; to appreciate beauty, to find the best in others; to leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch or a redeemed social conditon; to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded."


bongkersz said...

I think Thelma is actually Lulu. Am I right? Tee hee hee...