Friday, February 13, 2009

Lulu Don't Even Know Where To Start

Lulu is so geram in so many ways, Lulu does not know where to start.
for starters, Lulu is disgusted with those UMNO opportunists.

Why do you think Khairy is going around leading protests in Ipoh?
Why do you think Khir Toyo is in Penang leading protests outside Karpal Singh's house?

Demi bangsa dan agama?
Forget it!
it's demi kerusi Ketua Pemuda UMNO,
which is crucial to these two soon-to-be has beens. If they lose it, they're gone. g-o-n-e. gone. WHoever wins it would have a lifeline to their political career, and possible a place in the cabinet thanks to the two KT vacancies, one because of death and the other because the Rakyat didnt vote for him.


And knowing the way this glorious country works, Khir Toyo, who was picked up by the cops, was, well, "picked up" UMNO immunity style and not "picked up" my poor MP and ADUN style.

Lulu would love to be proven wrong, until then...
Idiots, all of them.


It4Ch1 said...

Mukhriz is in the lead then? Obedient son.

Lau Weng San said...

my case will be heard on 10th March.

too bad, that is the first day of my state assembly.

i will be wearing my number one suit to the courtroom.

Anonymous said...

to Lau Weng San,

Don't forget the songkok!

Anonymous said...

BN style of governing. looks rather like Mugabe regime. Only difference is that Mugabe led the country faster with more trillionaires than anyone else. Give this BN goons another decade, Malaysia wont be far away.
Oh by the way, corrupt Taib regime is flexing its muscles like the Mugabe goon. PKR seniors cant even get in. Wonder now if Sarawak is part of Malaysia coz Malaysians cant even be there? Taib is scare of his own shadow? Common, you are not near death now (of course politicaly speaking), Taib, no?

Anonymous said...

You say it, girl!!!