Friday, January 30, 2009

Lulu Wonders What Will It Take Before The IPCMC Is Implemented

A 17-year-old girl was raped in a room at the Putra Heights police station between 6am and 7am on June 18.
11 policemen, including a chief inspector, were identified by a 27 year old man for scalding him with hot water during detention between Dec 23 and 28 2008.
A welder was punched, kicked, elbowed and even whipped with a rubber hose during his 8 days in detention in Jun 2007.

A Kugan was arrested on Jan 15 and brought to the USJ8 police station in connection with a car theft syndicate that was believed to have international links.
He did not leave the police station alive.

Lulu wonders, what will it take before the IPCMC is implemented.
The death of a minister's son whilst in custody?
Do we have to go through another round of a mother's grief?
Implement the IPCMC! Now!
Allow the commission to receive and inquire into complaints, particularly "to detect, investigate and prevent police corruption and other serious misconduct."
Allow them to develop and implement mechanisms to detect, investigate and prevent misconduct.
Let them examine and verify any procedural infringement, corruption and misconduct.

Allow the IPCMC to be implemented to bring glory and honour back to the police force. That the corrupt and unjust will be weeded out, and the policeman be looked upon with trust by all.
Lulu would like that.
And she thinks you would like it too.


Antares said...

Badawi failed to implement the IPCMC because he was warned off by his top echelon Umno bigwigs & the samseng in uniform. Almost the entire BN Cabinet would be in exile or behind bars if we had a clean, efficient, independent police force & judiciary.
What it takes for something like the IPCMC to be implemented is the swift removal of BN from power.

Anonymous said...

The death of a minister's son whilst in custody? Impossible, sons of ministers are given VVIP treatment by the police, who knows which side of their bread is buttered. Maybe the sons of Opposition leaders---

Old Fart said...

You can assign blame for Kugan's death on our lame duck Prime minister Abdullah Badawi for not having the courage or conviction to push ahead the formation of the IPCMC. If the IPCMC had been formed, maybe, just maybe Kugan will be a live today.

So who killed IPCMC? They killed Kugan.