Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Lulu Thinks Khairy Has Just Given The Other Trengganu MPs Reason To Sabo The BN Campaign in KT

not that the entire BN, be it the big-bully and mega-greedy UMNO and their errand boy partners in MCA, MIC, Gerakan etc, are not doing it themselves, but when Khairy "pointed out" to the people of KT that
" it would be a great loss for them not to vote in Barisan candidate Datuk Wan Ahmad Farid Wan Salleh, the former Deputy Ho­­me Minister who relinquished his senatorship to contest in the Jan 17 by-election.
The party leadership had earlier guaranteed that Wan Ahmad Farid would be re-appointed a deputy minister should he win the by-election.
“Kuala Terengganu voters were lucky to have two deputy ministers – Allahyarham Razali and Wan (Ahmad) Farid – but if they reject Barisan now, they will lose everything.""
a wicked thought crossed Lulu's mind.
"Kuala Trengganu voters were lucky"
and guess what?
if KT was lucky, then the Trengganu MPs were unlucky.

if Lulu were a BN MP from Trengganu, Lulu would have suddenly realised that there are 2 Minister's position open now that one died-ed and another resigned.
being a greedy BN MP, and understanding the whole mechanics of UMNOputera, contract$, contract$ and more contract$, Lulu would sabo the campaign. Afterall, less man, more share.
Instead of 1 Ministerial post going automatically to Wan Ahmad Farid leaving the other 5 non-Minister MPs to fight for the last one post,
why not take the extra mile to kill off Wan Ahmad Farid's campaign [eg like sending out cropped photos of Wan Ahmad Farid singing karaoke, leaving out the fact that it was a family celebration] and leaving the 2 Ministerial post to be fought out by 5 MPs?

aiyoyo Lulu... you so wicked!!!!


Anonymous said...

Waaaah...you all are so lucky....because your MP died.

What a stupid statement from a graduate? Did he buy the degree?

Anonymous said...

U are so wicked ....AND BRILLIANT!