Thursday, January 08, 2009

Lulu Is Glad That At Least She Is Learning Something

She said during the campaign period, Wanita MCA would also bring along teachers to teach and hold handicraft workshops while disseminating information on the government's development programmes and policies.
"We believe this approach is beneficial as it is also an opportunity for us to discuss and understand the problems faced by the local people.
"Although the activities may appear small and the attendance limited, to us it is easier to explain matters because of the face-to-face interaction with the target groups,"

at least she has learnt from her own campaigning that MCA ain't got what it takes to attract crowds.

Lulu doesn't think that the "think small" strategy came from being more effective, but rather that "we get small crowds" and this is a more face saving method.

Hahaha chew mei fun! Lulu also heard about how good you are and how well versed you were in Pempena activites where you were the General Manager. Gosh... even a lulu would have been more capable there.


MikeLing said...

Dear Lulu,
forget about the GM post. It's a none issue. CMF must be a fan of the west wing as what she said is one good political spin.

Anonymous said...

Don't look down on Chew MF--- she may swap seats with gerakan's Tan Lian Hua and contest in Gerik in the next GE. That's the only way a non-malay can win, and that is in a malay constituency.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lulu,

Chew Mee Hoon (Chaw mai Fun) is there in Pempena to clear what is left to be "sapued" and manage to leave when her identity was "exposed"

By the way is the "scandal" being investigated or "sapu bawah karpet"??