Sunday, January 18, 2009

Confession - Last Night Lulu Was Very Angry With The Way The Chinese Votes Went

Lulu was following the KT results online last night.
[TV aerial not working-la, else Lulu would have followed the 100% propaganda version via RTM1.]

Every 10 minutes, Lulu would refresh her screen to see the latest. It was quite "kan cheong" as in the earlier part of the count BN [boo sama dia!!!] was leading, then it was neck to neck, then PAS started leading, and did not look back after that.

But halfway through the night, Lulu heard that we had lost the votes in the [for lack of a better description] Chinese polling station.
Lulu's sure, most of you were flabbergasted, just like Lulu. After the full house you-have-to-pay ceramahs, the donations they gave, the we're-so-excited-to-see-you-Teresa enthusiasm, the wow-its-RPK and the Merdeka poll, especially the donations collected cos well, money talks, what happened?
How could they have smiled and clapped and shook our hands and still voted the dacing?

One day has passed.
One day of slow thinking for Lulu.
Some things that Lulu has to consider.

1. Absence of from the younger salurans
On Mar8, many KT voters who were working elsewhere made the effort to balik kampung to cast their vote, mainly against Barisan. As this polls were just a week before Chinese New Year and times are hard, many did not return. The votes which went to PAS on Mar8 from this age group was missing in this election.
Lulu will not be surprised if when the analysis is done, there is a significant difference in the number of voters for the younger salurans which most likely would have translated to votes to PAS if they had returned to vote.

2. TOL issue
You know the row of shophouses facing one another that make up the main street of Kg Cina? Haris explains that [link here] some of them have been there for 5 generations and yet, do not own the title to the land. The shophouses are all sitting on TOL ( temporary occupation licence ) land. That means every year, they are beholden to the power of the day for a renewal of the licence. Whatever the outcome of the by-election, Trengganu state will still be run by UMNO. If they voted PAS, then the warlords of Trengganu would go for the jugular in punishing them. Trust Lulu, the people who live there and voted have been reminded of this by the "nice people" who believe their presence is necessary in working with UMNO.

3. Few in Numbers
Midweek last week, Lulu was chatting with a friend who was in KT. He said, the Chinese there can recognise them already as they had visited them a couple of times. Think about it. If the PR team has visited them time and again, don't you think the MCA and Gerakan fellas would have also done their rounds a few times? You think those people bring glad tidings to you? Forget it! Probably scare you half to death with their personal touch reminders. The Chinese in KT do not have it easy like Lulu of PJU. They are small in numbers and easy to deal with personally in terms of retribution especially in a BN-led state and a BN-led nation.

Lulu still is disappointed with how the Chinese votes went, but Lulu is no longer angry with them.
Lulu hopes that in the next GE, those working in KL will return to vote bringing with them a personal message of hope.
and Lulu hopes that you will be able to see things from their perspective, and if you are one of those who laboured there the past 2 weeks, to return whilst their memories of you are fresh, for a goodwill visit. It is not a lost cause. We have many more elections coming in this nation of ours.


Anonymous said...

The chinese in KT got no choice really. I dont blame them especially when it comes to bread n butter issues.

Anyway, the good news is PAS won and that matters at the end of the day.

denzook said...

it's principle that matters. if i against pas portfolio, no matter how they package, i still vote against pas! i would rather abstain my vote than to cross for the moon....

Anonymous said...

if its the other way round, principles be damned. you will be talking about practicality. aint usual of you in other postings?
lulu, like RPK said, the Chinese voters will never forget the threats issued by Rosmah and MB to them. Its just a matter of time, just watch GE 13.

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

Pakatan Rakyat won the seat and the KT voters wanted PAS. End of story lah.

Happy Chinese New Year to Lulu and all readers. Year 2009 had a great start , we have to thanks KT.
Chinese New Year we will get to see Pensiangan by election in Sabah.
Let Sabahans decide if they wants a real change.

Gong Xi Fatt Cai.

Eric said...


Hope the relocation is going fine.
read RPK's analysis on the vote results. Comprehensive figures (down) and relevant analysis:
I hope DAP will open a branch in KT.