Tuesday, January 06, 2009

.... and Lulu Believes In The Tooth Fairy Too

the Star reports that
"A police spokesman said about 30,000 Barisan Nasional supporters and 15,000 PAS supporters had gathered to begin their march to the nomination centre."

at first, Lulu was like, wah... where did BN get 30,000 "supporters" from?

Then Lulu remembered.
aiyah... this is the MSM
remember the sex party that they and the other MSMs all got so journo-horny reporting earlier in the week?
in case you forgot, let lulu refresh your memory
Thursday January 1, 2009 MYT 5:11:00 PM - Police arrested a female newscaster of a private television station and 25 others who took part in a sex party at a hotel room in Jalan P. Ramlee on Thursday. During the raid, three couples were on the bed while the rest were entertaining themselves and believed to have been intoxicated, she said
Friday January 2, 2009 A noted female newscaster and an actress were among 26 people caught in a sex party at a hotel in Jalan P. Ramlee here early yesterday morning. Later, along with some other acquaintances, they proceeded to the four-star hotel to attend the sexual escapade. “There were also three couples lying on beds, but they were clothed,” added the sources. It was also through the online social network that the alleged sex party was organised.
Friday January 2, 2009 MYT 3:49:00 PM Police will not pursue sex charges against the 26 people arrested during an alleged sex party on Thursday morning but the case will be referred to the narcotics department for further action. When police stormed the 11th floor of the four-star hotel room in Jalan P. Ramlee here at 3.30am, all the people were still clothed and the few condoms that were found had not been used.
and finally,
Saturday January 3, 2009 City CID chief Senior Asst Comm (II) Ku Chin Wah said police would investigate the case for drugs as no sexual acts were committed at the purported sex party. All were intoxicated but still clothed when arrested, he said.

30,000 BN supporters in KT?
ahem... Lulu thinks not.
Harakah reports Jumlah penyokong Pakatan Rakyat setakat ini dianggarkan melebihi 40,000 orang manakala penyokong BN pula kurang dari 10,000 orang.
Malaysiakini reports The media reported that the police estimated 20,000 PAS supporters and 4,000 BN supporters had gathered for the nomination
NST didnt put a number
Even the lowlife Utusan reported 10,000 BN supporters but did not mention how many there were for PAS.
shame on The Star for such bad reporting.
Shameful, but not surprising

The pix are courtesy of Haris blog, People's Parliament. Go check it out at http://harismibrahim.wordpress.com/2009/01/06/kt-by-election-flagged-off/


julian said...

"still clothed when arrested"...
I wonder how that became a "sex party"...

Alex Yap said...

The Star only mentioned names for leaders (from BN) appearing in KT and did not even mentioned any leaders names from opposition side.

very bias already.

by the way, i wonder why semi-value did not go to KT. If semi-value go there, should got ppl throw rotten eggs at him. I think that's why BN leaders ask semi-value to stay back at home. hahahah

Antares said...

Umno is doomed... MCA is deformed beyond reform... MIC is a dead duck... Gerakan isn't moving at all. Matter of time, folks, matter of time... stop buying The Star and turn off that goddam TV!

Anonymous said...

Aiyah the Star always see Stars lah, 5000 ppl also inflate to 30000, or was it a typo, 1 xtra geelo, sollee, sollee.

Bentoh said...

The Stars = MCA...

MCA is quite desperate with the new president wanting to strike some points hehe...

And I guess YB Kit did not scold the Star "shame on you" for no reason hehe~

bla bla bla said...

This is not the first time The Star misreported news.

2 most recent misreporting:

a)The Star on 24 October 2008, Friday, reported that Malaysia is lying 132nd on the Reporters Without Borders Press Freedom Index, up 10 spots from last year's.

Malaysia has actually dropped 8 spots from 124th place in year 2007 to 132nd place in year 2008.





b)The Star paper dated 3 Dec 2008 misreported that "this is the fifth time petrol and diesel prices have been cut since retail prices hit a high of RM 2.70 a litre in June"

It was actually the sixth deduction.

From: http://www.ooibenghooi.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

new president OKT doing his duty;to lie for UMNO.
oh by the way, nothing new.just as before.