Tuesday, December 23, 2008

So How Lulu? Hudud-ah?

The papers are going to town over Husam's declarations and affirmation of PAS's pledge to implement syariah.

Initially, Lulu was a bit surprise to hear this coming from Husam. Then Lulu learnt that Husam made the declaration at a discourse on political transformation in the country on Saturday night, after fellow panellist and deputy Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin challenged him to state Pas' stand on the matter. Malaysia's biggest brat, also known as the soon to be dethroned power behind the throne had trapped Husam into declaring that.

But fact of the matter is, whether Lulu likes it or not, this has always been PAS intention.
Before March 8th, after March 8th.

1. to take a cue from RPK cos he argues it much better,
Some Chinese say they refuse to vote for PAS because they are worried that PAS may implement Islamic laws. But how can PAS implement Islamic laws when they will never have a two-thirds majority in Parliament? PAS contested only 60 seats out of 222 Parliament seats. Then they went and won only 23 seats.
PAS needs about 150 seats in Parliament to change Malaysia from a Secular state into an Islamic state. But when they contest only 60 seats, even if they win all the 60 seats they contest it will still be only 60 seats. And they can’t win all the seats they contest. They can only win less than half the seats they contest. Where would PAS get the 150 parliament seats it requires?
2. Pakatan is made of PKR, DAP and PAS - a coalition of 3 equal partners. DAP has already said no. Lulu is waiting for PKR to make their stand. However individual party leaders have already voiced their argument.
Basically, Pakatan partners can say no. They can agree to disagree. Things cannot be carried out without an agreement from all parties.
Barisan however is made of one alpha party and many wimpy partners. When UMNO says "jump", [not just Liow, but] every wimpy dungu partner who says they are equal partners immediately respond, "how high?"
On Sept 29 2001 aka 929, the then PM Dr M declared Malaysia as an Islamic State. MCA and MIC, who began strutting around like a gibbon's backside on PAS statement, did not even breathe a whimper on this. After 929, every extremist and opportunist have been screaming at the moderates, "respect our rights! this is an islamic state!"
Where was MCA?
Where was MIC?
fending us?
no.... they were busy explaining UMNO's policy to "their" own kind.

Lulu hopes that when MCA messengars like Secretary-general Wong Foon Meng, Lulu's good-riddance-bye-by deposed MP Chew Mei Fun and other little minded like them bring this up at KT, the crowd will in return ask them what they did when Mahathir made us an Islamic state.

ABU - Anything But UMNO please.


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I like ABU too.

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To Ketuanan Rakyat!

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