Monday, December 22, 2008

Lulu Would Not Be Surprised If Liow Answered "how high?" If UMNO Were To Ask Him To Jump

afterall, look at his response when it was made known that the Government had intention to sell IJN to Sime Darby.
"I would like to reiterate that the fee structure is currently set by theGovernment.
It will be the same, even in the future so IJN cannot charge higher than what is allowed by the Government,”
"Whatever privatisation plan, the Government has clauses that will have to be looked into. There are a lot of Government requirements that they (Sime Darby) will have to fulfill,”

This doofus probably didnt even blink as he said all his "i am subservient to UMNO, i play my role as an overpaid messengar boy" it-is-going-to-happen-whether-you-suffer-or-not propaganda.
No "should not privatise" at all. Not even a slight whimper.
Just parroting, parroting and more parroting.

even Samy Vellu, who has lost the respect of almost all Malaysians, knew how to say, "MIC hopes that the government will not privatise IJN as it will cause hardship to the poor in the long run".

how long, Liow, before you start realising that how-high-to-UMNO-call is not the way to go anymore?


Anonymous said...

what else is new? This Liow fella is just another running dog from tat hated MCA-Mo Chuntoi Assholeciation. No different from Teh Kim Dog-poo & Ong ka-chui.

Makes me shame to be born a Chinese...( i.e in Malaysia )

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you are THE man, Liow.

Go on, say you approved of the sale of IJN to Sime...and i will put a curse on be the FIRST person who will pay much $$ for your heart trasplant.

abROcadabRO said...

Don't blame the Liow thing. He's new. He got to please his political masters (Umno). Otherwise he'll be gone by next election.

This ball-less Liow thing will continue licking up Umno arses no matter what - so long as his interest is protected.

Nowadays, there isn't anyone in MCA, MIC, Gerakan with "balls". They're all ball-less skunks.

Anonymous said...

sure, any increase in fees require govt approval. but would any disapproval means compensation to Sime? remember the toll roads for which the govt is paying hundreds of millions to the operators every year! are we that stupid, liow.
by the way, with you as the Minister, surely our pockets will be "liowed" in no time. (in hokkien, liowed means finished)

Anonymous said...

If Hishamuddin takes a dump, Liow will be more than happy to wipe his arse.