Friday, December 26, 2008

Lulu Can't Really Blame Them For Thinking That Raising Foreign Movie Tickets is The Solution To Non-Interest In Local Films

Malaysians will have to pay more to watch Hollywood films in the cinemas if a proposal by the Malaysian Film Producers Association is accepted by the government.
The association wants the ticket price for Hollywood movies to be hiked to protect local feature films.
Its president, Ahmad Puad Onah, said the higher ticket prices was among proposals the association would submit to the National Film Development Corporation soon.
"Our members agree that only by hiking the admission price of Hollywood movies will Malaysians go to watch local movies."
NST - RM20 to watch a Hollywood movie?

before you start cursing and swearing, you have to understand, we come from a nation which produced Proton cars. That and also shallow thinkers.
Once Proton started producing cars, Japanese cars which were the most popular marquee to the average salary worker were made unaffordable to them. Additional taxes were imposed on them to make them priced a class above the Protons. The Nissan 130Y and Honda Civic was quickly replaced by the Proton Sagas known for rosak power windows.

Now the Malaysian Film Producers Association wants to also have this kind of protection.
Sadly, these shallow thinkers think that if they kill the foreign film industry, the people will flock to watch their movies.
Lulu's got bad news to them. Doesn't happen that way.
Yes, the people will find alternatives.
No, if the local film is no good, its no good. No one is going to watch it if its boring, uninteresting and too preachy.
If the government does heed their call [quite often our government makes silly decisions] , then it will be Uncle Ho and his sidekicks who will gain from this decision. Which may not be a bad thing cos in the 98 downturn, the VCD industry was thriving and they were the only people who were spending - buying tai-sai-ngan, tai-kor-tai, helping to memberangsangkan the ekonomi.

We have succedeed before. There were great film series like the Bujang Lapuk and Jeffri Zain. Remember them?
Do you think they could have been filmed in today's environment?

What the Malaysian Film Producers Association should be doing is to improve their films, improve the quality of the script, stop being so moralistic, don't always have to insaf and bertaubat and well.... Lulu is sure you can think of a gazillion more things.
And Finas and the Culture, Arts and Heritage ministry should lay their hands off meddling with films and filmakers. Grants has to be given out fairly, and not to those with connections.

Maybe someday we will flock back.
But for now, no...


Shawn Tan said...

Yasmin Ahmad is probably one of the rare gems. I do find her films rather enjoyable and I have spent my money on buying the originals to support her. However, like you said, most of the local fare is rather bland. Increasing the price of Hollywood movies would not help much because there are plenty of foreign films that are really good, including Korean ones. So, the only way to fix things is to actually build up local talent, as you said.

wong said...

when i read this article, it kind of irony..this country has no more then just 28 million people,the last 50 yrs we have been protected every trade increase prices, mandatory approved permits...must 30% equity ..etc..this had created spineless people.we become lazy complacent..i am now in xian china...i see the people here are very industrious hard working..since my last trip here i saw such a rapid progress..upaward, when i read this article...price increase to force the local to see less of the local filem makers...dont they not know today we can download any movie and easy access to pirated dvds. this price increase wont affect the middle class..we are insulated..can these fellow just close it production, go and joint venture ..malaysia is a very tiny market....good money chase good money

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

Cant the newly installed Datok Shah ruk khan promotes our local artiste?
Since he is now a datuk, isn't it a requirement that his films must have 30 % malaysian contents?

But bolehwood and bollywood is not my cup of tea.waste of time viewing such movies.

Anonymous said...

This will encourage more piracy hence an increase in under table money for those in the enforcement business!

Anonymous said...

We support the proposal to raise ticket prices for foreign movies. Suggest it should be RM50 per ticket.


(Pirate Dvd Assn.)

Anonymous said...

Rumours said that Mansur Puteh's proposed feature film & other sida-kicks are going to be approved soon.

That's one reason why he is so itchy hands at MT.

Perhaps this later move is to make VERY sure that when those films come out they will not be a ticket booth poison. Wait...but then who care? It's sugardaddy's money! If you don't sapu, someone's will.

chapchai said...

Protectionism is not going to work. Local film-makers should raise the quality of their work. Proton is a very good example.

Birds Talking Too said...

Dear Lulu,

Spot on! Things are getting shitty and we, have given up seeing movies in the cineplex anyway.
Boycott em!

Whadda heck!

Birds Talking Too

samson said...

Our neihbouring countries produced much better movies on much lower budgets. Our people here especially Malays (not wanting to compare races) are not imaginative enough and only expect handouts. How to produce sensational movies if you have such narrow thinking. Although we have gems among our rubbish, they are also hampered by Finas with their even narrow-thinking restrictions. Lucky our illustrious P.Ramlee did not have to contend with these idiots in Finas or we would not be able to see his creations.
btw, films in Bangkok have more local people attending than foreign films, no need to say the same for Hong Kong and India. Also most local films that are making money here are financed and helmed by non-malays, so go figure!

Anonymous said...

Raise the price of trousers and then more men will wear sarungs?

Anonymous said...

thats the only way they know how to do biz. anything short of monopolies, they cry and cringe and swear the whole world are conspiring against them to ensure their business demise.

Chicken Feet aka KaKiaYam said...

"...don't always have to insaf and bertaubat and well.... "

you noticed that too huh....and I thought I was over sensitive....

enjoyed your article, it's been a long time since you wrote such a long one...must be making full use of your annual leave..kakaka....

Peaceful New Year....

Anonymous said...

You all do not understand. The extra money collected will be given you PTM Film Producers Association. Then it will be up to them what they do with it. Same lah like MSN which collecsts "tax" from cigarette companies and other such organizations that receive oughtright grant from government.