Thursday, December 18, 2008

Lulu Can Only Cycle In A Straight Line

Not being the brightest of persons, it should not surprise you that Lulu can only cycle in a straight line.
Lulu used to cycle on a bicycle [graduated from the tricycle-la] when Lulu was in the kindergarten age. Then one day, whilst cycling around the neighbourhood, Lulu got knocked by a car, fell off the bicycle and caused poor mum great worry which resulted in her giving away the bicycle.

A few years later, Lulu tried to cycle.
Some people say, you never forget how to cycle.
Lulu says, bluff one. cos Lulu forgot.
Lulu tried.
Lulu kayuh the pedal 2 rounds then like going to fall over.
After a few attempts, YAY! Lulu could cycle!
straight line that is.
When it came to a turn, Lulu could not [and to this day, still has not] figure out how to do it.

You see, somewhere along the way, Lulu learnt in Physics that you have to lean a certain direction what you want to make a turn.
[Take a look at the diagram.]
Being one of the most easily confused lulu around, Lulu could not remember which way to lean to if she wants to make a left turn.
That compounded by the fear that Lulu may over-lean and her center of gravity is out of what-it-called and will fall over.
Hence, Lulu dares not make any turnings and has to get off the bicycle, turn, then only get on again and cycle in her happy straight line.

The Jerit cyclists not only cycled straight lines and made turnings, they slept in open spaces, stopped, arrested, questioned, not fed whilst in questioning, the kids were harassed, their parents bullied, they had their bicycles torched, confiscated and cameras snatched away. It is the stuff that HBO movies are made of. They are the Rosa Park of Malaysia. Lulu tabiks them.
Lulu tabiks the message that they carry -
- the Government to abolish Internal Security Act
- pass a Minimum Wage Act for workers
- provide homes for all
- stop the privatisation of public facilities
- control the prices of goods
- restore local government elections

You can view their fotopage here


Antares said...

You got me worried, Lulu, when you didn't update your blog for 3 weeks! I was on the verge of emailing you to find out if you're okay... but it appears that you are! Yes, everyone who participated in the Jerit campaign deserves a STANDING OVATION for sheer verve, courage, stamina, flexibility, resourcefulness, and true grit! :-)

PDRM deserves a major potong gaji - from Jan 2009 onwards Musa Hassan's take-home pay will be RM10. See how long he can tahan - bet it's the only way to force him to quit!

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

JERIT successfully completed their mission.Despite all odds, they did it!Not just the sand on their faces, not just smoke,not just the cold pelting rain they have to face. They have to face multiple polis roadblocks and were treated like a felon.
Now please tell us, if JERIT's action is so unlawful. Would the bodoh-bodoh senator from the PM's office came out to receives the memo?