Sunday, November 16, 2008

More! More! Lulu Wants More!

there are so many little Napoleons out there, imposing their own rules on others.
Lulu hopes the days of little Napoleons would soon come to an end.
but Lulu's not holding her breath as the government of the day is still UMNO, and most little Napoleons are, by some strange coincidence, UMNO members.

how will Lulu get her "more! more!"?
ah..... by changing the government!
Lulu hopes to be able to see it in her lifetime.
yey! yey!


Anonymous said...

U hv my support. We need to change the present federal govt come next general election.

Anonymous said...

Calm down. The word "sacked" is not in the Education Ministry's vocab. It simply means "transferred". Every school has "sacked" students for indiscipline, but they always end up transferred to another school in the same locality. So don't be shocked to come across the above education officer up to his tricks again in one of the numerous Pejabat Pendidikan Daerahs in Johor.

donplaypuks® said...

Don't celebrate just yet.

In bolehland, disciplinary action against a civil servant usually means transfer to another division or Ministry without loss of pay or service and possibly even a pay increase, promotion and a pat on the back from UMNO.

You mean this is the only incident since Firaun ensured that one Race cornered all positions in the civil service? My foot!!

Antares said...

Every prediction I've heard so far points to one thing: Anwar's star is on the rise and Najib's in decline. The Law of Karma works in its own indomitable pace! Be of good cheer :-)

kl said...

i agree with anonymous - I was in the govt service for 5 years and during that time, the only punishment regularly meted out was a transfer ..... No such thing as a sacking in govt service.