Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Lulu's PM, The Village Idiot, Strikes Again!

sigh... Lulu still can't get over having the village idiot as Prime Minister
PM: Police must have reasons to act
Nov 10, 08 8:26pm
Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi today defended the police in arresting 23 people, including three opposition leaders, who participated in a gathering in Petaling Jaya last night.
He said that the police had valid reasons to act against the 23.
"Police must have reasons to do that," he told reporters after chairing the National Innovation Council meeting in Parliament today
come on-la, everyone has a reason.

Khairy's Rembau branch closed nominations early for a reason.
UMNO members vote in "respectable" leaders like MMTaib for a reason..
Dr M put in AAB as his successor for a reason.
Altantuya got C4-ed for a reason.
The government paid the judges RM10.5 million for a reason.
Those ugly protests led by UCCA bound ITM college kids against Khalid Ibrahim went on without a hitch for a reason.
The government wants to loan our EPF money to a lost cause like Valuecap for a reason.
UMNO issues Zaid a show-cause letter for a reason.

Of course the police had a reason.
good or bad, right or wrong, that's another issue altogether.


lucia said...

ya such an idiot to say that!!

those who were arrested also had a reason to be there lah!

come to think of it, whatever the police (or his umnoputera kaki) do and said, he will agree! he can't think for himself!!

myop101 said...

well said...haha...

Antares said...

Ooooh, Lulu, the lulucidity of your mind is a real turn-on!

Anonymous said...

HA2. Village idiot strikes again. think he has onion skin. peel and peel, yet the skin is there. Really really thick. Guess its as thick up there.

erniejean said...

Spot On Lulu!!

And the corrupted politicians received bribes for a reason too!! Does that mean it's acceptable? As long as there is a reason?

Gallivanter said...

Agreed! It's whether the reason is justified or otherwise is what matters!

GobloKing said...

Please Lulu. Don't insult Village Idiots. They are not a bit like hewhoshallnotbenamed.

Have any VIs ever robbed, stolen, lied & looted from our country?

Has any VI threatened our village way of life?

Are VIs not on the main part, peaceful, loving & harmless?

Try another term..what's that extinct bird from Mauritius? Yeah...Dodo & it rhymes with Bo-do too!

Anonymous said...


another village idiot has emerged. he came out with a blaze defending his village idiot boss equating those attending the vigil as ROBBERS!
Guess you need to be a village idiot to be in the Cabinet.

Crankster said...

Brilliant post. You sure socked AAB in the eye!