Friday, November 14, 2008

Lulu Would Have Had No Quarrels With The Arrests

if the police had been consistent.
but they werent.

in this protest video, not only did the police not ask the crowd to disperse, the protestors were given police escort in to a private premise where a multiracial multifaith forum was going on.

in this protest against a foreign guest, once again, they were given police escort into the premise.

whereas this group was chased after and beaten.

how do you explain these kind of inconsistencies to your children?


David BC Tan said...

I don't think they care whether we understand or not. They just want us to know who wields a bigger stick, and whom we should fear. The more things change, the more they remain the same?

denzook said...

one protest on behalf of gov, and behalf of "majority" and protecting religion...

the other is nothing but creating disturbance ......

spot the different.. so the former is good, the latter is bad and polis did the good job, you can tell children this...

Anonymous said...


brush up your english. too manglish. gosh, must be too much of ketuanan.

Anonymous said...

Agence France-Presse - 11/18/2008 8:10 AM GMT
Malaysian activists threaten naked protest over rent hikes
Malaysian activists have threatened to stage a naked protest over a sudden hike in rental rates for government housing, drawing criticism from Muslim leaders and police Tuesday.

Ramlan Abu Bakar of the Malaysian People's Reform Movement said its members were prepared to strip off outside the offices of the chief minister of Selangor state, after it more than doubled the cost of low-income housing.

"Protesting naked is our final act of desperation as the state government is literally stealing the clothes off our backs with this price increase," Ramlan told AFP.

"They are not helping the poor people here who barely make enough to afford the present rental of 124 ringgit (34 dollars per month) so how can we afford to pay 250 ringgit?" he said.

The hardline Islamic party PAS, which is part of the opposition alliance, criticised the plans, with its spiritual leader Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat saying only "uncivilised" people would resort to such an act.

"Even an animal like a cow which is stark naked, God created a tail to hide its genitals and here we are talking about human beings who have been given a mind," he told state news agency Bernama.

Ramlan said his group would submit a memorandum to opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, whose alliance runs Selangor state, and that if it failed to bring about any change they will push ahead with the nude protest.

State police chief Khalid Abu Bakar said action will be taken against anyone staging an illegal assembly.

"We will take firm action against any NGO (non-governmental organisation) that holds a gathering without a permit, and even more so if they are nude," he told Bernama.

Ooi Beng Hooi said...

Another inconsistency by the Polis DiRaja Malaysia

The Sun Paper dated 6 Jan 09

Dear IGP

On Sunday, Dec 28, some 1,500 people, including 400 children and teenagers, came out to defend Malay rights and the use of ISA in Penang. A similar gathering had apparently taken place in the federal capital a few weeks ago, but was never reported in the media.

The demonstration was being observed by 50 policemen in uniform and plainclothes. It is interesting that, despite the tone of the protest, no arrest was made, and certainly no one, including its outspoken organiser, was detained.

We are reminded of the peaceful Ride for Change. The police rounded up the young cyclists in Rawang, arrested a Member of Parliament and charged the organisers.

Why is there a double standard in the way the police handle two different situations?

In one instance accusing the organisers of using children and in this incident in Penang, involving 400 children and teenagers, the demonstration was allowed to proceed without any incident.

If you, Sir, can allow more such demonstrations to be organised by political bullies in the name of defending their own race, this country will continue to see greater racial
polarisation. And, in your own words, the crime rate has increased because of such political rallies as witnessed on Sunday.

Political Observer
Via email