Thursday, November 13, 2008

Lulu Wonders If This Will Work

- That was when we saw some plainclothes cops chasing a few of the people in yellow Bersih and black and red “Free RPK” T-shirts.
- My wife saw the plain-clothes police taking away a few women and small-built persons (could be teenagers).
- They came in full force, in uniform and plain clothes supported by FRU.
- I was chased too by a loud, vulgar screaming, plain-cloth guy ( I don't know if he's a cop, maybe he is ).

Lulu was thinking-la,
maybe the next vigil/protest/demo/whatever,
we go in three's
then when we see the police charging,
the fella on the left and right pretend to be beating up the guy in the middle
and then pretend to drag him to some dark alley
but actually making their way to the getaway car.

after all, what is there to differentiate the plain-cloth policeman from the normal protestor, other than of course, their evil intent?

you think Lulu's plan can jadi-ah?


de minimis said...

I like your twisted way of thinking, Lulu. What's more, I think it'll work. Just make sure the "dragger" is a rough-looking fella :D

Anonymous said...

Also the guys beating up the other fella cannot be chinese or indian looking.

Must look like "bumiputera"

Anonymous said...

Not so easy lah. These plain clothes mata-mata can recognize each other through certain articles in their clothing. This comes in useful when they act as agent provocateurs to incite arrests

-naga- said...

Lulu, they will catch all three la then.. and then they will say illegal gathering, violence summore!

Jarod said...

get a macho guy and tan skin man.. :)

Shawn Tan said...

very fiendish!! but the middle fella must remember to cower in fear.. otherwise, the ruse will be up!!

Anonymous said...

No la.. Dun act like animals oops.. i mean umno-polis.

Next time, gather in a brightly lit location with at least 3 State Govt CCTV cameras clearly covering every second of the event.

Make us a nice video documentary so that we can distribute into every household to create awareness in every kampung.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha... i can't stop laughing...

I like ur way of thinking... In that way, we all are "safe"....

Thanks for a stress free session!!!