Friday, November 07, 2008

Lulu Can't Believe That It Has Been A(lmost) Year Since Bersih March

and we've come a long way.

We all got together, regardless of race and religion, to voice out how unhappy we are with the way our votes have been cheapened by the way elections are run.
remember Bersih's demands?
* The use of indelible ink to prevent double-voting;
* The abolishment of postal votes;
* Clean-up of the electoral roll;
* Equal and fair access to national media.

we may not have got them yet, but Lulu would like to think of it as work in progress.
and our "work" as the rakyat, is to see this initiative through.

Come join the Bersih gang for their rally on Sunday, 9pm.
The anti-ISA vigils will be on as usual before the Bersih program.

Lulu hopes to see you there ;p

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Anonymous said...

happy birthday 'lu!
see you tomorrow!