Friday, November 07, 2008

It Kinda Breaks Lulu's heart

listening to Fong Po Kuan plead,
"Saya pohon Tan Sri..."

and in spite of it all, he threw the cili padi, who was already reduced to tears, out of Parliament.

kinda sad
breaks Lulu's heart


Antares said...

Methinks The Speaker is DESPEAKABLE!
Throw de bugger OUT!!!

myop101 said...


shouldn't stop at the Speaker. i think the whole govt should be ejected...

miracle said...

the worst and most biased speaker ever .. how could we hv such a speaker .. or rather we should CHANGE the govermt in order to have a pro speaker .. sad for the oppoisition .. be strong and fight for the rakyat, god listen to our prayers ..

CK said...

exactly. they do all this blatantly in-your-face. sigh~

tat tajuddin is really despicable. and the whole bunch.

James said...

We seriously need an independent Speaker who is not on either side of the political divide. We need someone who whacks MPs who do not behave, be they from BN or PR.

And so far, I have one person in mind - Raja Petra Kamarudin. Although RPK had campaigned for PR, but I believe he is neutral and fair. You've seen how he even criticized DAP, PKR & PAS in his writings anyway.

MPs like Bung Mokhtar & Tajuddin Rahman would have been punished several times if only we have a fair Speaker.

What more this Tajuddin for his unruly behaviour in recent weeks with words such as bas***d against M Kula, the "rambut putih" remark against Chong Eng. He is very rude and seriously has no manners.

To make things worse, Nga Kor Ming had recalled an incident 3 years ago in the Perak state assembly when he challenged Nga to a fight outside the House, which he did against M Kula this time!

BravoEagleHotel said...

Shame and balatant abuse of the highest order ! Seeking clarifications also kenot !
Yup god is watching ! So bloody bias