Sunday, November 09, 2008

Bersih Rally Changed Venue - Update from Lulu

lol, not anil
but, Lulu's going over there soon, so, please get updates from

meet at the Lotus restaurant. this is the old State cinema, facing Civic Center

chao folks!

the updates from anil

1940: My contact in PJ has been circling around, trying to get to the venue, but all four entry points into Amcorp Mall are blocked by traffic police.

1928: Federal Highway from Jalan Utara is blocked. Police are said to be present around Padang Timor near Amcorp Mall. They are obviously not taking any chances, even though it is unlikely the Bersih folks would have managed to get a big crowd this time.

1909: The road blocks near Amcorp Mall could be because the Bersih coalition (campaigning for electoral reforms) is expected to join the Abolish ISA group.

Meanwhile, Rakyat@Work is now in Taiping, heading to Ipoh.

1857: It looks as if roads are blocked in all directions heading towards Amcorp Mall and even A&W.

1852: We are getting reports of a road block heading to Amcorp Mall

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