Monday, November 10, 2008

Bad Enough They Took In Lulu's MP, Assemblyman and Councillor,

they hurt them too.
Why does the police have to be nasty and brutal?

Lulu's State Assemblyman's Blog
Hit twice at the face. The second punch hurts my lips and it's bleeding, also a few scratches on my face.

Lulu's MP's blog
the CPO Selangor issued the call to arrest me, and 2 guys came over to grab one arm each and pushed me towards the Black Maria.

I stated that I will walk, don't be rough but they tore my shirt instead. I repeated my call and 3 other police officers came at me, one with the knees into my belly while another attempted to kick my shin.

They then chucked me against the back of the Black Maria truck and shoved me up despite me stating that I can climb myself.

Tiew Way Kheng, councillor for SS1, SS3 and SS9A, and a lovely person was taken in.

:( bad bad day for the country


Anonymous said...

I was there.
The police action in such a manner was unnecessary. They was no need to use this unnecessary force. The police acted like samsengs to a group that was gathering in an extremely peaceful manner to voice their disapproval of the ISA. This kind of police behaviour can only be condoned if the crowd was violent or destroying public property or something of that nature.
Could not even finish singing negara ku and the FRU came head on with their shields and as usual the special branch and plain clothes policement started physically tackling down certain targeted individuals who were already slowly walking away peacefully.

Unnecessary use of force! Typical of an UMNO/BN trait to hold on to their positions.

But from all those still around, we committed ourselves to fight on and reclaim our Malaysia.
See you again next Sunday. Same time, same place.

Peter said...

Here is proof (video): Chief Police Officer lied. FRU charged during Negara Ku. Please tell the world

Anonymous said...

I m meeting a few other friends later. Do I need to apply for a permit?

Perhaps I should flood the local Police HQ with applications.

Lulu, where can I get 300 application forms?

CK said...

as expeccted.... NST and Star was washed out from reporting this in their online version.

donplaypuks® said...

The Chief Palm Oil has serious questions to answer.

If all the previous gatherings did not have permits, but were carried out peacefully, why then was it necessary for Sunday's gathering to have a permit and for the thugs and goons to use force to break it up.

Where and to which citizen or human being or animal where there any danger, physical or otherwise?

Who needed protection from what?


Anonymous said...

chief police was caught lying.
as usual, Al-Blur was real blur and claimed that minimal force was used.
Hope their lying genes remain with them only.

Anonymous said...

why no action was taken by the police in Penang when some people staged protest in adding more languages to the road signs?? do they have permit??

Peter said...

"I m meeting a few other friends later. Do I need to apply for a permit?"

Don't go or you become a law breaker. See Malaysia a nation of law breakers

lucia said...

hi lulu. glad to meet you at the police station. so you were there in support of your MP, adun and councillor. 2 of my friends were arrested too and i and another 2 friends (the 5 of us came all the way from penang) waited outside the police station until 3.30am! came back at 6.00am to bail them out.

it's terrible how the police acted!