Saturday, October 04, 2008

Lulu's Dream Team

everyone's talking about the bn component party elections.
mca and gerakan will be holding their elections in this one or two months.
lulu's not too sure about mic's.
umno was supposed to hold theirs in november, but decided to prolong the agony till next year.
who's running. who's behind who. who is who's man. and so on. everyone is talking, eveyone has their own theory.

anyway, this is lulu's dream team.

umno president - who else but the originator of the keris waving and ugly words mentioned back in '87. now he is more known for his relations with mongolia, but lulu will always associate him with umno youth.

umno #2
Ali who thinks "Umno has ruled Malaysia for 50 years and they can rule for another 50 years more. And Umno does not need PPP, MCA, MIC, Gerakan, Sabah, Sarawak or anyone else to do this" Rustam.
yup! he's da man!
with his sheer determination and positive thinking, he will steer UMNO to rule Malaysia on its own for another 50 years.

mca #2
The no-nepotism older brother, who tried to dissuade his younger brother, party president Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting, from recommending him for a Cabinet post via sms-es.
yes. he will unite MCA and bring them to greater heights.
defending "chinese rights" *roll eyes*

wanita mca
who else but the cupid club founding president who brought along dancing girls for her elections ceramah.
with her at helm, we can trust that chinese women in malaysia, well, the mca kind anyway, would reach greater heights in la-la-land.

gerakan #1
already went to koh tsu koon, whom lulu thinks will be ideal in continuing to avoid the issues, smiling at UMNO bullies and frustrating the gerakan members in his inability to take action.

gerakan youth
the 38 year old budak who brought his daddy out to campaign for him.
The same one who, to quote chow kum hor, "lives with his parents as he can’t cope with the high cost of living in Kuala Lumpur". But then again, maybe chow got it wrong cos chow mistakenly listed him as a yale graduate, when he's actually a wales [university of wales??] graduate.

mic president.
who else, but he who gives us semi value.
with him at helm, we can rest assure that mic will fight for a greater share of the nation wealth for the indian population.
whether it is distributed to the indian population or to mic, or even in his name, holding it for mic, ah... that's a different question.

dream team.
with such a dream team, how can BN not fall.


koolgeek said...

they can kiss their dream buh-bye soon.

koh tsu koon still dreaming to be made a senator and minister?

thinking said...

Lol, you're in excellent fighting form, Lulu ;)

Husin Lempoyang said...

Two american after a presidential election at a supermarket.

One was saying. Thank god the election is over.

The other answered. Thats teh good news. The bad news is we have another politican as president.

Whatever is your dream lului, a government led by a sodomiser and a compulsive liar holding command over a group of frogs and component parties at logger head with each other ideologically (PAS and DAP) does not hold any promising prospect.

Have you been keeping track on the Ampang Hindu temple issue recently? May I remaind you, Khir Toyo is no more MB.

wits0 said...

The narcissistic and delusionary bn is like a collapsing star in its last death throe.

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

I think the Persatuan Melayu Nazional Oganisasi will get a C4 mongolian expert as president or that failed prince from Pahang.
Just visited the kuli website, he thinks he is a hang jebat or a hang tuah . As well as it was nice to know that the ancestor of najib and hishamuddin were once a traitor to the sultan.Left my comment there which i don't think will sees the daylight.

I can safely comment that mca..gerakan..mic..ppp..and those sabahan ,sarawakian bn are all incompetent.
Until today whats their major success?
And China went to space on their own rocket for the 3rd time and did a Michael jackson spacewalk/moonwalk.
While in malaysia we built our own motobikes which mat rempits do not want to ride!

munirah hayati said...

lulu dear, check this out! our beloved prof yunus enters politics! heh..i just found out abt it