Sunday, October 19, 2008

Lulu's Contribution to 51 Ideas for a Better Malaysia ~ #8

Nizam Bashir initiated a blog project called 51 Ideas for a Better Malaysia on 30 August 2008. He then tagged Walski of MyAsylum to follow-up with #2 in the series; Walski tagged Michelle Yoon of I Am Malaysian, who passed the baton to Crankster of Cranskshaft, who tagged Pat Goh of The English Cottage. Pat tagged Paula Khoo of masterwordsmith-unplugged who passed the poison parcel to Antares of Magick River who thought that Lulu may have some bright idea.

Lulu's Idea #8
Lulu would like to say something chim like "Improve the quality of our teachers, the syllabus and examination standards", but Lulu's lulu. Her MP has expressed it well in his blog entry here which was also published in Aliran. He has given quite good pointers on this idea, and Lulu hopes you will go over there for a +1 idea from Lulu.

Lulu's idea would be to advocate cleanliness.

Lulu's not the neatest, cleanest person around. Trust Lulu on this. Take one look at her car and all doubts would go out the window.
But even with Lulu's low-low standards, she finds that cleanliness in Malaysia leaves much to be desired.

Ever looked at the backlane of your favourite food joint?
Ever been to the public toilet in Sungai Wang?
Ever got caught in a flood in the middle of town?
Ever looked at the road after the Sambutan Hari Kemerdekaan march past?

You get what Lulu means, right?

Littering is unsightly. Not only that, rats come for the spoils. Rats bring with them all kinds of disease. Also, when they panic, they run helter skelter and sometimes, run over Lulu's feet.
Rubbish clog drains, and clogged drains will not let water flow through, increasing the risk of floods.
Filthy toilets leave Lulu very-very pucat if she had an emergency.

Does it have to be this way?
Lulu does not believe so.

We need to instill into our people the value of cleanliness.
And the cost if we dont keep clean.

The local council must maintain the cleanliness of our towns. Are there sufficient dustbins placed strategically? Is the bandaraya collecting the rubbish on the scheduled days? A tough one but are we willing to provide rubbish disposal for squatters? Is there enough funding provided to keep our towns clean?
Local council also has to play their role in enforcement. Makan places must abide by the rules, if not, then be fined. Fine the litterbugs too. There's nothing wrong with being a "fine" country, though we do like poking fun at Singapore for being so "fine".

And we, the rakyat, have our part to play.
Throw our rubbish properly.
Help dirty restaurants keep clean by reporting them to the authorities and boycotting them.
Be a good example to our children.

Lulu's sure you can think of a gazillion more ways which will lead to a cleaner Malaysia.
We all have our part to play.

Lulu's now passing the tag to a new blogger on the blog. The thoughts that he has posted on his blog thus far has made much sense, and Lulu would really like to hear his contribution for a better Malaysia. Take it from here, Chi Chang @ Analyst at Large!


Antares said...

Aiyaaaaah, Lulu.... I think the immediate and comprehensive demise of Umno and all the horrid, can-o-wormy things it stands for was a far more exciting idea! But thanks for your clean thoughts, my dear, I absolutely agree - cleanliness is much closer to godliness (or at least goodliness) than how things stand. Ever had the misfortune to walk the basement corridors of KLCC? Leaking pipes, puddles of stagmant water, huge rats and giant cockroaches... a monochrome nightmare lurking right beneath Mahathir's chromium dream of a bifurcated stiffy.

Anonymous said...

I agree Lulu, cleanliness in Malaysia is appalling. I can't understand why people still eat at filthy places. Don't they see the dirty floors, the little cockroches scurrying around on the tables, the garbage outside these eating places etc ? What I notice in most cases or even at the shophouses, no dustbins ? Even if public want to throw rubbish in the proper place, they can't find one at all....sigh....

Dustbins, Dustbins, dustbins please...Daily collection is also a must.....

Chicken Feet aka KaKiaYam said...

lulu, why change the graphic ler...not nice leh...

msleepyhead said...

you admitted it yourself that you're not the cleanest person around and it's the same attitude that most of us have. hence, it translates to not so clean conditions. are you saying if you were to open a restaurant/coffeeshop/warung it will be clean? it will be likely an extension of the person that you are, so the level of cleanliness you have as a person will go show in your houses/cars/etc.

having more dustbins doesn't solve the problem. it's more about the idea of carrying your rubbish until you find the disposal bin.

start with the individual/family and it will grow from there.

d'Frog Prince said...

it is because recently, the people in malaysia were never taught to be clean in school or by their parents. i always cringed when i see rubbish being thrown out of car's window. i have never allowed my kids to litter and hopefully, they will grow up to be responsible citizens.

as for me, i remember when i was in standard 3, my bahasa malaysia teacher related to us how westerners are so civilised that they carry with them envelopes to so the ash from their cigarettes don't dirty their roads. i don't know how true is that but it left a very deep impression on impressionable children, i think all of my classmates of that year were never litterbugs, that's the power of education and impression for you.

Anonymous said...

msleepyhead, people are more likely to throw into a dustbin when they see one, instead of carrying it around until they find a disposal one. Its very, very difficult to find one. You may find a pile of rubbish somewhere, because people just can't find a bin but do not want to litter everywhere.
Chances are it will be thrown out of the car because people take better care of their cars and home than the enviroment.
It's a selfish and inconsiderate attitude and has nothing to do with, whether the person has a clean habit.