Saturday, October 25, 2008

Lulu Comforts The Insecure

Last night, Najib was interviewd over Bloomberg.
Lulu didnt get to watch it over Astro cos no Astro, but the interview made it to the media.

When asked if he believed in working towards the eradication of the NEP, an affirmative action introduced in 1970 to help bring bumiputras at par with other races in terms of business, education, economic participation and work opportunities, Najib had this to say.

“I am working towards a gradual liberalisation. In the not too distant future, we will see the elements of it,”
This was reported, not by just one media, but by Bernama, the Star and NST.
Even the Utusan intepreted it as,

"Saya sedang berusaha ke arah melaksanakan liberalisasi (unsur-unsur DEB) secara beransur-ansur itu apabila bumiputera sudah mempunyai keyakinan diri.
"Dalam tempoh yang tidak terlalu lama lagi, kita dapat saksikan unsur-unsur DEB ini akan diganti,"
This was something which Najib had said in an interview which was shown worldwide.
It sounded like the correct thing to say to an international audience.
But, probably, that statement and the intent brought about insecurity amongst those who obviously had not acheived that "feel more confident of competing with others domestically and global" phase.
The next day, his aide issued a statement clarifying the Deputy Premier had said there would be a “gradual liberalisation of some of the elements of NEP”, and not the entire programme.
Lulu suspects he must have received many, many sms-es from those insecure people, forcing his aide to turun padang to announce the feeble u-turn.

What those insecure fellas didnt realise is that with or without NEP, BN would always have an UMNOputera policy. They do not need to fear. The NEP today benefits the normal Malay in terms of education, discounted houses and a very well managed, profitable and we-do-not-use-the-money-to-bail-out-cronies trust fund. The NEP which makes Malays wealthy is reserved for the UMNOputera.
Those insecure fellas are worried about losing the NEP that has made some wealthy.
They fail to see that they, the UMNOputeras will still be taken care of.

Anyways, even if that is taken away from them, there's always the UMNO general elections, which according to Dr M and Rais Yatim, a delegate can make a lot of money from these proceedings.


Anonymous said...

if not mistaken, in 2006 right after the umno general assembly he declared that the nep will continue for another 500 years.

not only we are going to get a serial racist but another compulsive liar for a pm.

god bless the people.

d'Frog Prince said...

with the education teaching them to be insecure and be bigots, it will be another 51 years before we can see anything concrete.

let's hope there is enough level headed people to make the changes in the near future. this old bunch are too indoctrinated to see beyond their myopic sight.

d'frog prince @

Anonymous said...

Will you plunder and loot from your "home"?

Only if you only know that "home" is not your own home.

BN leaders don't think of Malaysia, as their home.

And home is somewhere else for them. Ask Yemeni Baldy or Kerala's Mamak Kutty, where is home actually?

They obviously don't love and don't really care what happens to this home.

That's why its easy for them to plunder and loot this home because it's not their home. And they would silence anyone who stands in their way.

What is going to happen to our motherland in the hands of aliens?

Malaysian Joe said...


This nitwit talks alot but says nothing...