Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Lulu Says, Something Wrong...

There must be something wrong with us Malaysians.

Section 8(1) of the ISA provides three grounds given in Section 8(1) upon which the detention order may be based is where a person has acted in any manner prejudicial to the:
a) security of Malaysia or part thereof; or
b) maintenance of essential services; or
c) economic life

Look at these names
Lim Kit Siang
Yap Pian Hon
Karpal Singh
Kua Kia Soong
Hu Sepang
Lim Guan Eng
V David
Tan Chai Ho
Lee Chan Fei
P Patto
Kerk Kim Hock
Ibrahim Ali
Song Kang Swee @ S.K. Song
Sim Tong Him
Yau Jiok Hua
Muhamad Sabu
Khaled Abu Samad
Tajuddin Abdul Rahman
MohamadNasir Hashim
Wee Choo Keong
Mohamed Fahmi Ibrahim

all went in for ISA during Ops Lalang 20 years ago.
all in some point of their life became elected representatives of the people, either at state or national level.
Quite a number are currently serving as MPs or State Assemblymen.

Are we Malaysians habitually voting in people who are no good for the country?
Or is this ISA thingy a bad thing, allowing innocent people with dissenting views to be held without any hope for defense?


Shawn Tan said...

Hah! Your question is a good one because the answer to both is Yes!

Yes, we Malaysians are habitually voting in people who are no good for the country; and Yes, the ISA thingy is a bad thing.

It's kind of a sad place to be where we have to constantly choose the lesser of two evils and between the buaya and the beruk. We lack any true alternatives.

Anonymous said...

Aiseh Kemunting is a University where the coward and the corrupted enroll the brave who try to expose them into it and its not easy to be qualified. So we never voted the wrong people its that we have only a handfull of them good one to vote for.

KC said...

ISA is like an oven.

It's like puting in a rock & turning on the heat. Some rock cracks & is then thrown out as wasted resources.

Others turn out to be precious DIAMONDS!!!

KTemoc said...

Ops Lalang came about because one Education Minister attempted to wreck vernacular education. 'Twas the same Minister whose ministry's policy forced non Muslim school children to baca doa. And he supported the use of the ISA!

We must always remember all these!

wits0 said...

"Yes, the ISA thingy is a bad thing." - Shawn Tan

For this reason the populace became collectively guilty in terms of Karma and is paying the price as seen in the depth of the screwed up illogic and injustice that surrounds them this day.

The Future, our destiny is always a Man-Made thing, individually and en masse. We pay the price for the wrong ideology. An ideology that enabled umno to have the sole monopoly on things seditious while nonsensically blaming others for that. Perversion unabashed to accord any kudos at all to MahaKuuty - for Ops Lalang alone.

Crankster said...

I'm quite surprised at the racial composition though.

What A Lulu said...

Its kinda funny that ISA is one of the few institutions that does not recognise race or religion.
As long as the government feels threatened by you, you are an ISA target.
you lose your "one of us"ness oncee you are a perceived threat.

wits0 said...

Ktemoc spins it as 100% AI's doing. Obfuscation.

Knowing him, he would too. But that's not the whole picture. It would be more pertinent to remember that Ops Lalang was initiated by MahaKutty on his return from a good time globe trotting (he of course has had to do that ever so often! A precedent which is now a perk for the very top. Ditto wrt to the Memali incident during which he was enjoying overseaa).

If the TPCA stadium umno hadn't occurred based on the excuse that that some people questioned who is/was the indigenous people, thus "causing 'em offense", the temperature wouldn't have risen and Ops Lalang wouldn't have found that pretext to have happened.

Today we all know that the Orang Asli alone has that undisputed claim to that.

KTemoc, of course, won't acknowledge that AI also paid his moral debt for his part in that event later.

denzook said...

and how about releasing following detainees:

Yazid Sufaat - alleged JI
Dr Abdullah Daud - alleged JI
Shamsuddin Sulaiman - alleged JI
Zulfikli Abu Bakar - alleged foreign agent
P Uthayakumar - hindraf rally organizer
Tan Choon Chin - alleged falsying doc ...

not to mention emergency ordinance where gangsters are arrested and held in simpang renggam. ever wonder without isa how would malaysia will be like ? will it be like thailand where 18 coups since 1930s (and recent a person lost his leg in protest)? or indonesia here bombing of j.w mariott and bali ?

peace malaysia.

KTemoc said...

Regrettably my dear matey wits0 would always oppose me just for the sake of being against me ;-)

Nothing would have 'happened' if that Minister had left vernacular education alone.

The subsequent events leading to Ops Lalang were inevitable escalations (upping the ethnic stakes) and consequences (near May 13) of that first insidious spark, the sinister action to sabotage vernacular education, just for a feather in his nationalistic cap, in the same way the draconian proselytizing baca doa was designed as another feather in his Islamist cap. It has always been about him and his interests.

We must not be cowardly hypocrites and pretend that he played no nasty role in the circumstances leading to Ops Lalang, where he was the principal provocateur.

C'mon, wits0 matey, have a bit of guts and plenty of principles!

Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free - John 8:32

wits0 said...

"C'mon, wits0 matey, have a bit of guts and plenty of principles!" - KTemoc.

C'mon, KTemoc, have some perspicacity to note that any of 'em in umno is capable of doing the same while in umno for that is the only way to advance - via that selfsame jaguh kampong stance. Today we see ppl like Ali RustStump, e.g., attempting the blatant selfsame racism, the future of which seems dubious.

The rest that followed was planned and exploited by umno. And mca gave up the gravestone after it gave up the ghost after '69. Totally chastised and wholely parasitic.

It was a nasty thing, admittedly but later the AI fella did pay for it with a 6 years incaceration. Fittingly ironic but usefully soul cleansing in the process. Which other bn minister paid their debt? I remember the events well enough as it developed. You also pretend to present it wholely as the unfaltering fall of dominoes started by AI alone.

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

When its time for the next election, make sure that the candidate we supports is an ex ISA detainee,
But what about that former PKR fella ( also ex-ISA ) who bragged of having 6 boxes of whatever and defected to umno? He brags alot about exposing bn's corruption.
Can't recalls the name.

KTemoc said...

wits0 matey, regrettably you choose to weave around in our debate by throwing in red herrings like other UMNO racists like your Ali RustStump into the discussion.

My sole point in my postings had been my unwavering reminder to all (especially you wakakaka) that AI had been the very ONE who initiated the spark that led to Ops Lalang.

And that is precisely what I don't want people to forget, that had he not attempted to interfere with vernacular education to its disadvantage, the escalation would have not happened for the simple reason there would have been nothing to escalate. If you deny this, then you're dishonest with historical facts.

And if you acknowledge that, as you seemed to do (grudingly of course), then I have achieved my aim of reminding people of the 'Truth'.

"Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free" - John 8:32

Contrary to your wild allegations I didn't exempt the other UMNO culprits from their involvement in Ops Lalang.

Unfortunately you've have always chose to debate with me by putting words into my mouth, though I don't blame you in the least because if you had just stuck to facts and principles, you wouldn't have anything to rebut my points.

I know, it's OK, it's nothing other than your innate propensity and instinct to do so, to somehow score a victory over kaytee. Though of course it lacks quality and honest intellectualism.

As for your "... the AI fella did pay for it with a 6 years incaceration. Fittingly ironic but usefully soul cleansing in the process." that's merely your wishful cross-puprose opinion.

AI went to prison for corruption (ignoring the other salacious allegation). The only injustice to him on that score was not that he was imprisoned but rather, that he went in alone when a few many other ministers ought to be locked up with him.

You made a temerarious conclusion that it had been 'soul cleansing' for him, when for all intents and purpose he could have been completely unrepentant (as he has shown himself to be) and not accept responsibility for his sins.

As for other BN ministers/leaders who were imprisoned, I can easily think of 3 - Tan Koon Swan, Harun Idris and an earlier MB of Negeri Sembilan who was initially sentenced to death for murder, which was subsequently commuted into a term sentence through a royal pardon.