Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Lulu Can Understand The "Would Also Be Used To ..." But

The Cheras Umno division has started a fund where the money would also be used to assist mosques and suraus that needed money to buy loudspeakers for the purpose of the azan (call to prayer).

The part that Lulu doesn't get is that the fund is also to help Utusan Malaysia defend itself against a RM30mil defamation lawsuit filed by Seputeh MP Teresa Kok.

for our friend (?) Datuk Syed Ali Al Habshe, his narrow little mind thinks that Teresa has challenged the honour of Malays by suing Utusan Malaysia as it is a newspaper owned by the Malays and that challenging the Malays is similar to challenging Umno.
for one, whilst Lulu does know that UMNO = Malay, Lulu didnt know the Malay = UMNO.
maybe what he was trying to say is that "Utusan is owned by UMNO, and UMNO feels insulted. And in spite of having received RM2bil from DrM to Datuk zzzzz..., we want to stir up your sentiments and take your money.".
Could that be it?

the other thing is, as a Malaysian [though not a Malay], like the folks in Utusan, Lulu is aghast at the blatant lie printed by Utusan. Some may argue that it is freedom of the press. But to print a blatant lie with a nasty agenda, then when caught with their pants down, launch a massive attack on Teresa, that is way....... too much. Lulu would have disciplined the wrong-doer, not go on a witch hunt.

Lulu just does not get this UMNO psyche thing.


Anonymous said...


rocky blog it and response was overwhelming against his support for Utusan on free press reasoning. wcw, blog it too against syed. and now, its you.

beware, these bigots will turn the negative opinion into a racial issue. thats what they are good at apart from plundering the country.

Anonymous said...

classic example of red herring

when ceramah-azan-islam failed
they pakai pulak utusan=malay=umno


i suspect any1 who soak themselve into Bullshxt Nonsense, they will sure come out as either Bullshxt or Nonsense 1, like kana hypnosized/posses liddat, rock oso cannot escape, manyak terror oh

denzook said...

seputeh mp shouldn't sue utusan as it violates press freedom. the reporter merely wrote his piece after researching and reporting the event - just like many ppl aghast on the arrestment of sinchew reporter . and it makes no different with bn as the move obviously curtails press freedom!

i'm planning to donate to tabung azan to uphold press freedom.

My Raison D'etre said...


UMNO = Malay is no longer true, I think.

Membership is now open really to anyone who they want in.

You're right. Freedom of the press is in championing the true; not in propogating blatant lies.

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Hitam Had said...

Be careful Lulu, people with such sensibilities may even run amok if you stare at them long enough.

It is also not surprising that these so called community leaders do not seem to understand that we have laws which provide for the punishment of people who libel and/or slander other people. Just like most Malaysians, who seem to treat any man made law as an unnecessary restriction on their freedom to impose their uncivilised behaviour on others.


Anonymous said...

*a round of applause*
hi I'm new here, but I agree with you...if Teresa Kok didn't sue them, Utusan would have just got away with it...

But the damage may have already been done...No matter Teresa Kok win or lose the defamation suit in the end, a lot of Utusan loyal readers may already think Teresa Kok is a racist that deserved to be ISA-ed...*sigh*

~A Malaysia who yearns for a responsible press...

Mr. X said...

Isn't bizarre a big boy daily like Utusan gotta do what they are doing?

Sagaladoola said...

Melayu pun ada banyak jenis. Contohnya : Melayu UMNO dengan Melayu Bukan UMNO.

Saya tidak pernah samakan fikiran penulis Utusan dengan fikiran orang Melayu Bukan UMNO.


Richard Loh said...

The botak did not see how dangerous utusan is, instead

Hindraf is being declared illegal by the home minister.

Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar What Are You Going To Do With Utusan???

Anonymous said...

denzook - hhahahahhahaha. research? how?? did he speak to teresa? did he contact the mosque imam?? And the editors-what happened to fact checking?

You, and Utusan, together with that fool who started the fund, are a bunch of jokes.

Last Q - why tabung azan and not tabung utusan? Clowns!

myop101 said...

how do one defend one's honour when someone blatantly spread lies about oneself and be denied the opportunity to speak up in defense of oneself?

legal suits are meant not to silence freedom of speech but rather, responsible reporting. it is one thing to be asked and that person refuse to comment, it is another to not be asked but to be assumed to be.

if the accuser analysis is grounded on facts, then the audience will be the judge of it. but to deny the accused to defend oneself, any court of law would not see this as fair.

i hope utusan loses (but somehow, i don't have much hope in our legal system) and Teresa would donate all proceeds won (net of legal charges incurred) to charitable organisations.

it is just a matter of honour and lesson to irresponsible journalism that lies do not pay.

Anonymous said...

anon 10:57,

pls juz ignore tat joker ;)

d'Frog Prince said...

it was hot among the malays community that teresa suing utusan is against the freedom of speech she propagated. i have had my share of reply in the blogosphere in her defence as suing an untruth should be allowed, let the court decide is utusan is right or teresa is.

i guess, as a seasoned politician, teresa should have come out with a reason / statement on why she is suing utusan as many people, especially the malays, don't know the reason for the suit, they just know that she is suing utusan.

Anonymous said...

truth needs no defense la... this whole debacle is getting a bit silly.
it is wholly acceptable that teresa should be upset as the whole episode stinks but some people have milked the issue of the lawsuit for all that it's worth and will continue to do so.
this azan fund is playing on people's ignorance as there will never be a 30 million payout even if utusan is found guilty of defamation.
all this suing will take years and very little will be gained, other than a point being made.
at what cost though? the ego may be pacifieed but the cycle of persecution grows.
utusan is what it is, despicable and souless.
it is naive to think that its readers would be influenced to abandon it just because the court declares it to have lied and defamed.
meanwhile, it will enjoy much glory and sympathy as the suffering voice of defence (or defiance).

jazrul said...

the ego may be pacifieed but the cycle of persecution grows.
utusan is what it is, despicable and souless.

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fauzi said...

it is naive to think that its readers would be influenced to abandon it just because the court declares it to have lied and defamed.

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