Wednesday, October 22, 2008

If Lulu Were To Travel In A Time Machine

Umno vice-president Tan Sri Muh­yiddin Yassin proposed that the history of the social contract be included in the university curriculum.
“Many younger Malaysians do not know what the social contract is all about and yet we say that they have to respect this very important component in our Federal Constitution.”

‘Explain social contract to the youth’ - The Star

If Lulu were to travel in a time machine and go back to the 1957 and ask anyone on the street what they think this social contract is, Lulu thinks she would get a very different answer from the one that UMNO is now preaching.

btw, do you think Muhyiddin Yassin is trying to formalise into the minds of our young what this Muslim parent faced?
My daughter spent eight months in a national school before we had to pull her out. We had become increasingly alarmed at the type of racial-toned language she had started to use. Obviously she was being indoctrinated every day with the idea of racial superiority of only one community, hers.
How are we going to protect our next generation?
btw, do drop by the parent's blog, read her full entry and the comments that follows. She is not alone.


Anonymous Liew said...

Preacher of Apartheid!
Talking about affirmative discrimination?
What about the abroginals?
What about the Sabahan and the Sarawakians?
Did they get any benefit from it?
Not even a bit.
Only the big bully is getting the whole cake.
Need not to say who.
The Preacher of Apartheid!

ummie said...

Lulu, I'm very much like you. Always blur and confuse with what's happening around. Yet I'm saddened and frustrated with articles read above the spouse shoulder whenever he's on the net.
"It's just a writing. Read it, understand it and that's it." He said coolly.
But can I?

denzook said...

you're so patriotic, if i could travel back time, even to year 2007. i will buy toto and strike rich and migrate elsewhere with the money.......

Anonymous said...

Hey Lulu,

If we are all immigrants except for the orang asli, then only the orang asli should be given special rights.

There should be no differential treatment between immigrants, i.e. one group lording over the others. (ini dosa).

God will punish the evil wrongdoers who discriminate.

More here:

d'Frog Prince said...

let's just hope that the future can only be better. as for those bigots, well, they will receive what they sow. more educated people (of all races) will leave if this carries on and without brains, let's see how they will functions.

Anonymous said...

any truth to the claim that some of our JPA scholars get sent off to camps for indoctrination - about selective areas of this so called social contract?